paint paint paint

this is getting old.  how many of you like to hear me complain every night about how long i’ve been up?


well, sorry.  i’m as sick of this as you are.  as the dolphins are.

anyway, up at 7:30, believe it or not.  staggered around a few whiles, and then spent a very interrupted day.  the interruption being because i took the new camera out of the box and turned it on and put it thru its paces.  i was so happy, a new toy.  and i don’t buy things on a whim.  this came after months of research, a lot of soul searching, and a last-legs 6 year old cheapo digital.  the new one is a sony a33, state of the art transparent mirror, really fast.  and only $700.

so, yep, i broke it.  i got a camera error.  a blue screen of death.  while figuring out the panoramic photograpy feature.  so i popped the battery out and started over.  and couldn’t see any image on the screen, tho the readouts were all there.  i tried releasing the shutter, and got a lens error.  so i pupped the battery again and undid the lens.  and rtfm.  and tried again.  and got no image.  and pressed the shutter release.  and got a camera error.  and finally called the store where i bought it, and was told to take it around to somewhere local and see if it’s not the lens.  and it wasn’t.  so now i have to send the camera back and they’ll replace it, because obviously it’s defective.

i didn’t break it, i just did quality control on it.  i’m afraid i’m talented that way.  and i’m reasonably technologically able and computer literate.  it’s just that i can find the flaw in the design or application, instinctively.  i’m who they get to beta test something before releasing it to a fickle public.  if it can be broken, i’ll find a way, and document it.

first the white paint went on over the chalk i put on last night.  the thin brush with the long hairs.  i had to go over the lower row of words a couple of times because my lines weren’t thick enough.

the line above the home depot square is crooked.  the cut out part of the apron got laid on crooked, because the badges stick out so, and so the words got impressed crooked.  i’ve been over it once, extending the words on the left downward and building the words on the right upwards, but i may have to paint over it and redo it.

or not.  at this stage, the lettering stage, the finishing stage, it’s kind of important not to get it too right.  i want the letters to look handpainted.  i don’t want to have perfect letters, perfect lines, perfect details.  i don’t want it to look slick and professional.  (i don’t want it to look folk art, either.)  i want it to look painted.  to reveal, close up, just how it was made.  so you can see the brushstrokes and the little mistakes and the jinks and blots of doing something by hand.  i’m not being sloppy – when i am i’m wiping it up immediately, going around with a crumpled paper towel in my brush hand.

anyway, i can get away with this because at a distance it’ll look real.  that’s why i do acrobatics at a museum when i’m in front of a good painting.  like when i went to harlem in holland and fairly danced in front of the frans hals paintings.  back to see the whole thing, dart forward to peer at it from inches away, back to see the whole thing, then walk up close, bend over, and put my head near the floor to see the canvas from below, and you get the picture.  a painting is supposed to break apart as you get closer.  it all devolves into individual brushstrokes and paint layers.

at least, that’s the theory.  you can see by the look on the mckenney dolphin’s face that this idea can be taken a wee bit too far.  tomorrow.

look how good a match the mckenney’s shirt color is.  it takes a moment to notice that the blue tape is holding on a piece from the original shirt.  not bad.  of course, it depends completely on which part of the surface you’re looking at.  but from a distance it’s pretty damned close.  see below.

you still can’t see the metal bolts on the pressure flanges.  that means i’m going to be darkening the pressure flanges significantly.  and i still have to finish the colors of the pipes.  altho i put another coat of a too-light blue on the filters.  i drew on the badge and painted the logo circle in that light blue.

the home depot hat got more raw sienna and white with some of the yellow stuff i made up a few days ago.  hey, if i don’t use it up, i have to throw it away.  the purple is sitting there hardening in the cup, for instance.  the skin an eighth of an inch thick.  i ended up with the purple accidentally to begin with, so oh well.

i used the same yellowish on the paint can and paint tray, as a base coat, because the orange is not very covering.  and i finally painted the olfa cutter a cadmium yellow first coat.

see what i mean about the letters not being perfect?

oh yeah and the gloves.  after messing with them for years trying to get the right color of grayed-out blue on the canvas of the cloves, i went in tonight and stuck on the red and blue lines.  i’ll go over it with something dark to rub into the creases later, to dull it down some more, but i’m mostly done.

i’m doing a lot of mostly done things to various parts of my dolphins now.  and like the repressive regimes of north africa, the obstacles to finishing the work are falling one by one.  once the apron is done, i can uncover the badges, and once the shirt is done on the other dolphin, i can glue on the plans.

and soon i’ll be done done.  so copacetic am i that i went out to dinner this evening with a bunch of family members.  we went to see the incomparable asha perform.  and i still came down here afterwards, and am quite surprised to have put in four hours on a full stomach.

i’m about to remedy that, in a cabbagetown minute.

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