the top layer begins

i love collaboration.  these days, i sit here in happy tears watching a web collaboration between pamplamoose and musicians they found on twitter, an interesting a little song, made in their living room, publicized on youtube, and all done for charity.  what could be better than a bunch of people acting in concert to make the world a better place for everybody?

i’m just a hopeless idealist, i guess.  but these days, it seems more possible than it has seemed for many years.  i’m just trying to think how i as an individual and an artist can do something to promote the change.  i’m staying open, and something will come along, because those are the times we’re in.

action,  doing something.  getting off your ass and joining with other people to help in the struggle for personal autonomy and civil rights.  doing anything less is living in fear, and that’s just not good for anybody.

today i started doing top-layer things.  the skin got bunches of coats of paint.  i was persuaded to use cosmetic sponges to apply it, since i was very sick of wiping on and off.  i’ll blot instead.  and this produced a very slow buildup of color that you so can’t see in the daytime photos, and are way exaggerated in the flash photos.  so you can’t see what i spent most of my day on.  too bad.

i was going to show you that i’ve got white underneath, around the eye, and in the hollow beneath the cheek.  you can sort of see it, but it looks like reflections and shadows.

the other side of the face hasn’t been touched yet.  you can see the splotchiness on the back end, which the makeup pad and some white paint will obscure nicely.  i guess you can see the difference between the two sides; to me they just look like tricks of the light.  which i suppose is good.  but it doesn’t look like that in real life, so i’ll keep working on it.

see how horrible the face looks in this light.  fortunately it doesn’t look like this in real life, either.

can you see the nuts on the pressure flanges – no?  i can’t either.  but i’ve painted them silver, as well as the belt buckle.  and i put lighter blue on the filters.

you can barely see the chalk on the apron, but it’s there.  i put a layer of white conte crayon on the back of the cut-out part of the apron, the part with all the writing on it.  then i taped it into place, and went over the writing with a pencil.  it left a white mark that i sprayed with acrylic to fix, and i’ll start with the white tomorrow.

i also drew in the details of the id badge on the mckenney’s dolphin.  i still have the drill to letter, and the sander and the liquid nails and the paint can, oh yeah and the jeans label.  and the rest of the hat. and the pen.

i hate the blue color on the waves.  i keep looking at it and not knowing what to do with it.  i know damned well i’d better not tackle it in the bad light.  i’ll wait until day to redo it, with plenty of white, and maybe seafoam green.

oh and i’ve decided, with input from my kid, to make the paint in the can and tray – orange, to completely give away the fact that the whole thing is painted, rather than being real.  because if he was a real dolphin getting ready to paint something, it wouldn’t be orange, because he’s already wearing a real apron, isn’t he?

right.  it’s just after midnight.  i’ve taken naps for the past two days, so i’m going to quit and go to bed now.  maybe eat ice cream and read some.  but it’s only just after midnight, and i’m thrilled to be done for the night.


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