i keep getting up too early.  today it was 8:30, a commotion, and so i got up and got to work around 10.  and it’s 2 now.  where does the time go?

today i did a lot of little things.  that’s where i am now, little bits and pieces, all of which have the flavor of ‘this is the last time i’ll have to do this’.  of course, it’s not true.

i’ve got all the different colors i’m using sitting in plastic cups on my palette.  so whenever i paint a color around one edge, i come back with the other edge’s color and touch it up.  theoretically.

the first thing i did was to take the dark gray i used on the back of the dolphins’ heads yesterday, add some white, and put it on the sides of the dolphins’ heads.  this was good, so i did more of this, and the heads are slowly slowly getting to where i can stand them.  so i’ll continue the progress tomorrow.

i mixed up a better, darker, richer raw sienna and white, and put it on the hat and the khaki pants.  i came back over the middle soon-to-be seam of the pants with undiluted raw sienna, which is actually too warm to recede the way it’s supposed to.  to be continued tomorrow.

i painted the belt loops with the last of that color, and painted the belt black.  it’s got texture, and i’m considering brushing on some raw umber over the black but it’s low on the list – to be cont’d 2morrow, at any r8.

looking at the source pictures of the pipes at the aquarium and thinking about all the shades of gray they use. i wanted to put more colors into it.  so i took three cups and mixed up three grays – one knifeblade of black with a dab of white, one to one, a blade of black to three blades of white, or something like that.  add some water, mix thoroughly, apply.

so i sat on the floor for awhile, with the reference photos (from mckenney’s 2006 calendar celebrating their incredible achievement – miles of plumbing in a city block) and three sizes of paint brush.  oh, and the tube of green which isn’t dark enough.  all this gets continued 2morrow.  the pipes are becoming multishaded, and will look a bit different.

i’m having fun with the edges of things, especially the built out areas, like the anchoring putty attaching the pipes to the base, legs and boots.  originally i had painted the anchors as part of the things attached.  then i decided i should paint the anchors as part of the background.  and now i’m going around on a case by case basis and trying to see the object and the background together.  this is a process that takes a certain awakeness, and i’ve been dragging alot.

so i took a nap, first time in weeks.  but jim wanted me to answer an email for him (he’s a luddite) and i closed my eyes while he dictated.  by the time he signed off i had to go lie down now, and slept until the sun went down.

i’m a vampire.

on the apron, i painted the pink underpaint and then orange over the abortive attempt i had made to letter the apron – i’d taken a charcoal pencil and rubbed it on the back of the apron, then held it on the dolphin and bore down hard on the letters as if it were carbon paper.  i’d actually went up to the attic to find carbon paper, but couldn’t, and that’s why i put black on the back of it.  but the lettering on the apron is white.  so oops.  when i do it again i’ll use chalk.  2 b cont’d tom.

i put some purple on the gloves, and wiped it off again.  i put some yellow ochre on the glove, and wiped it off, and then put more on, and wiped it off.  it needs lines of red and blue as well as something dark in the shadows and folds.  2bct.

i put another coat of that blue and white on the sanding block and the blue tape.  now it’s too light… 2bc2.

i put in the green lettering on the cap, because i happened to have a steady hand at that point in the day.  wouldn’t try it at this point, however.  it’s going to need darkening as well, so 2…2.

i guess that’s it.  it’s only 3, and i can walk the dogs and go to bed with my book and ice cream, and have the lights off by 4.

to be continued tomorrow.


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