creeping forward

it’s all a blur.  when did egypt fall?  has gaddafi fled yet?  are we going to get a tornado this spring?  what did i do today?

i did what i’ve been doing since the demonstrations started in egypt, listening to live streams of all the various news organs, from al jazeera to msnbc to fox news – all equally biased.  the continuing ‘interesting times’ provides a backdrop of hope and fear to my private thoughts and quiet concentration.  makes me wonder what i can do as an artist to promote and encourage the peoples’ uprisings.

today i put the same light gray i’ve been using on the pressure flanges onto the underside of the dolphin.  looks white, doesn’t it?  but it’s not, it’s light gray.  and then i put dark gray on the back.  it’s the same gray as on the pipes.  i’m not sure i like it, and it’s very stark in this light.

i also went around the waves and brushed and wiped a blue/green wash, leaving a coat of darker paint in the crevices.  intaglio, sort of.

this is my studio, showing the paper towels on the floor, the bits and pieces on the table, and the paint in red cups on my palette in the background.  it’s not a mess compared to a month ago.

sometime after midnight my kid came over to help me out.  and i put her to work.  she painted the handle of the paint roller and drill and paintbrushes, and did the lettering on the home depot cap, which i’m not steady enough to do very well.  thanks kid.  maybe i can get her to help me with the id badge.

this afternoon i took a mix of blue and black and painted it onto the base, wiping it off the high points and letting it collect in the deeps.  and then i took blue and white and painted it on the blue tape and sanding pad.  and it’s all still wrong.  i talked with my kid about it.  that blue is a blue not really found in nature.  it’s too strong, too blue.  i suggested painting the whitecaps white, and she didn’t seem very convinced.  even tho i’d noticed it today and put a coat of thalo green onto the waves to try and shift the color.

what i mostly did today was going back and forth on the washers and bolts.  first the black and blue wash, painted over the washers and bolts and rubbed off, then a coat of blue and green over the whole thing.  then i went over the metal  parts with more metal color, and then i went around this with more dark, trying to cover stray metallic paint.  back and forth and back and forth.

i took the dogs for a walk early tonight.  i was going to walk around with my kid and all the dogs, but by the time i had them all together, the fiance came home and all bets were off.  so i walked alone with the dogs.  a beautiful night, close to 70 outside and a slightly more than half moon shining in the sky.  i’m sleepy now.  maybe i can manage to stay in bed past 9 am tomorrow.  maybe that way i can go to bed before 3 in the morning again.


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