only a short day

everybody north of us is getting hammered by snow yet again.  we’ve got dozens of daffodils, the camelia came into bloom, the crocuses are out, the bradford pears and maples are in bud.  it hit 70 on the porch.  it’s spring for sure.  of course, this year, anything could happen, especially things that can’t happen here.

the only thing i did today on the mckenney’s dolphin…no, let me restate that.  i went over the shirt one more time, only touching the splotchy bits with the very little blue-black watery paint left in the cup.

the only other thing i did was to use the lightest gray, liberally lightened with more white, on the pressure flanges.  i guess you can’t really see it in the photo, but they were the same beige as the pumps.  i didn’t like it, tho, it looked dirty.  so i repainted them, two coats.

oh yeah, and i also stuck a coat of yellow ochre on the boots, followed by a coat of thin white.  it’s still way too pants color, and i’m going to have to take care of that with intaglio, which we’ll get to in short order.  i mean real soon now.

i did loads more on the home depot dolphin.  this is because the mckenney’s dolphin is more added material than the home depot dolphin, and therefore the home depot dolphin is more painted.  so i did much more work on the front end on the mckenney’s dolphin, but am doing much more on the back end of the home depot dolphin.

speaking of the back end, i started painting the washers and bolts with iridescent silver acrylic paint.  even tho i’m being careful to only paint the washers themselves, but because i have to get the edges, i ended up putting paint all over the place.  so i’m going to be going back over it with blue, defining the edges and filling the holes in the washers and bolts.  then i got the handle of the paint roller, and the metal churchkey, and the lid and inside of the paint can.  and then i went over to the other dolphin and got the id badge metal bit.  the drill got another coat of dark blue, but this time with some white in it, because it looked black after last night’s coats.  then i used black everywhere else on the drill.

i noticed this morning that the skin on the dolphins, that i did last night, looks very obvious in the daylight.  i didn’t do anything to them today, but i’ll have to deal with them soon.

what do i have left to do?  the waves on both dolphins need at least touching up if not different colors.  on the mckenney’s dolphin, it’s a little touching up, i think.  on the home depot dolphin, the blue is splotchy.  but i’m going to be putting black on and wiping it back off of everything but the cracks, which will darken it considerably and make it not so blue.  but first i have to go back and edge the silver bits with blue.  the paint can, the apron, the drill, the sanding pad, the id badge, the cap, all need lettering.  i have to paint paint in the paint can and paint tray, meaning pick a color.  the electric cord needs painting.  the wave caps need painting (maybe).  i have to remove the tape on the badges and make sure the edges are painted.  the patterns have to be painted on the gloves.  the plans have to be glued to the pvc pipe.  the pumps and pipes still need their details.  the workboots have to have laces and treads painted on, and the whole thing further aged and distressed.  i have to fix the skin tones, and restate the hair.  the eyes need painting, and the inside of the mouth.  the cap needs repainting.

what else… well, i’m sure to think of something.  but not tonight.  i’ll think about it tomorrow.


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