i’m so funny.  i make such a big deal about finally getting to the point where i can get to bed at a normal hour, and the very next night i’m up until 4-something.  it’s just midnight now, so i guess i’m on a downward trend.  and really, i’m almost done with this project, so there can’t be many more of these late nights.  i feel it all the more because i was up at 8:30 this morning trying to make the grandbaby be quiet hahaha.

so i actually got a lot done today.  first i put another coat of blue-black on the shirt, very thin, brushing it all the way out until it was dry, using less pressure as it dried so i wouldn’t rub it up.  it looks good now.  from a distance.  and i took the beige and mixed some white into it, and painted it on the pressure flanges.  i stuck some more white on the pvc pipe under his arm to cover the blue i got on it by mistake, and used thick blue-black to go over the trim on the shirt.  and i went over some of the pipes with black, especially around the clamps, which until now i hadn’t painted differently.  i think that’s it.  oh yeah, i also ran white onto the dolphin’s neck, brushing it all the way out like i did with the shirt.

i did the same white on the neck, and also white on the shirt of the home depot dolphin.  this took hours, i want you to know.  then i used the thick blue black on the drill.  i’d primed the area yesterday, and today i put two coats of color on it, and will work on it more tomorrow.  i went over the apron with a white and red mixture, still trying to get something opaque to cover the blue-stained edges of the apron.

i made up a ultramarine and white mixture, rather thick, and went all around te base of the dolphin, painting over all that green and purple and turquoise stuff.  it was too distracting.  of course, this particular color just happens to be the very colors of both the roll of blue tape and the handle of the sanding pad, so it can’t stay that color.  i’ll probably wash it with something very dark, rubbing out the highlights, and then hit it with white on the breaking waves.  it’ll be quick and dirty, however…

while i was wrenching the dolphin around so i could paint a fresh wave, i pushed the left side and pulled the right side, only my left hand was on the handle of the paint roller.  which came right up with a snap as i pushed it.  it had been held down by a thin cushion of putty, only covering the bottom half of the handle, so i’m glad i found it now, because it’s really easy to fix now.  just mash up another ball of epoxy putty, roll it out thin, and wrap it around the handle, saddling the handle right back into the putty cradle and smoothing it with loads of water.  and since i had some putty left, i put it on the hat.

now, the hat is something funny.  remember i filled the cloth cap with spray foam insulation, which took up most all the space.  but there was a part right behind the headband that was still full of air once the foam had hardened.  so at one point, after it was glued down onto the head, i took a razor blade to it, and stuffed a bunch of putty into the space.  but it was still soft and squishy, and i’d long wished i had done something about it.  especially once it was painted, when all irregularities showed up like they had spotlights on them.  so i slapped the extra putty – already rolled out thin – onto both sides of the cap where the problem was.  it still is lumpy, but it’s real fabric, so it’s supposed to be.  what it doesn’t look like is cut and patched, which just made it incongruous.  there’s only so much incongruity you can do and still have something look real.

hey, it’s only half past midnight.  i think i’ll take the dogs for a nice walk, all together.  it’s a lovely night out, in the 60s, and the moon’s still full.   arooooooooooooo.


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