it’s been an interesting full moon, with all sorts of unplanned occurrences, like my kid slipping in the bath and hitting her head really hard – she saw rainbows instead of stars.  and like the battery failing and having to do a little dance with the tools to get it jumped.  and like the missing cat coming back.  stuff like that.  and i’m up until 4 again, after going to bed before midnight last night, which is why i didn’t post anything last night.

i spent much of the day yesterday driving around town looking for a drill.  i’m still damned if i’ll sacrifice a brand new drill to the cause, so i was checking the pawn shops, and came up with a well used but still functional ryobi drill.  i saw some very expensive drills at the pawn shops i visited, and some very hefty prices.  there must be cadillacs of drills, drills’ drills.  several of the drills i saw were – pawn shop prices – over a hundred dollars.

after getting the drill, i had to go and get more putty.  it’s almost a joke at this point.

this is looking straight down.  the white scars are where i took a chisel and a hammer and chipped the putty off.  nearly cut thru one of the electric cords, but that’s okay because it’s all getting covered with putty again.

here’s how the new drill fits on the waves.  it’s the same length from butt to chuck, but the handle is completely different, and set into the barrel more toward the middle.  so i can’t build up with putty the way i did with the other drill.  i haven’t started puttying it in yet.

i stuck the drill on with putty, anchoring it at the chuck end and on the other side of the barrel, and at the base where the cord comes out.  you can see the end of the old cord on the floor, i had to cut it off at the peak of the wave to the left of the drill.  it didn’t want to stay down when i tried to putty it to the wave, which was the way i could find to minimize the cord that has to stick out into space.

so i ran putty up the wave, and pressed the cord into it, and mushed it around the cord, but it didn’t want to stay stuck down, on either end, and i had to press it in and wrap it with tape and let it rest.

today i stuck more putty on the drill, because i wasn’t happy with the hold.  someone could wrench it off if they’d a mind to.  so i stuck a large fistfull of epoxy putty in the most unobtrusive places around the drill.  and then i coated the cord with putty, splitting the sheath covering the first few inches of cord, and packing it with putty.  and a few hours later, when the putty was good and set, i went over it with kilz.  i guess i’ll get the opportunity to completely rethink the color of the waves.

i had to tilt the dolphin back in order to begin designing the paint can.  i’m making a joke out of it, and it was a bunch easier to draw the design when it was more or less level, and i could look at it straight on instead of having to lie on the floor.  so i designed it with the front on both sides of the can, and then obscured the design by painting it all white.

as for the other dolphin, the only thing i did to him was to run the dark gray i used on the pipes around the skin of the dolphin.  it was pretty thick, and didn’t smear very well, so i diluted it, and did the same wipe on wipe off thing i’ve been doing.  but because it was nice and goopy, the fresh paper towel was very wet and very black, and so i took the cloth around the heads and rubbed it into them.  it left a very blotchy effect, but it’ not a bad one, so i’m going to look at it in the light tomorrow, and adjust it.  i did both dolphins that way, and darkened the flippers and fin.

but for the moment, it’s after 4, and i’ve still got to walk the dogs.  it’s too late for ice cream, but i might make a piece of homemade sourdough toast and butter with a nice glass of milk.


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