ex drill

lookie, this is what my front yard looks like today.  daffodils, and they’re coming up by the dozens.  it hit 70 today after a cool and cloudy start.  i’m in heaven.  if heaven is perpetual blossoming.  but just think of the pollen.

it was cool enough until midafternoon, so i didn’t take the dolphins outside.  instead, i did the slowly slowly thing with the thin washes and the fresh paper towels, wipe on wipe off, very quick, very light.  and this time the paint was very watery indeed, and i didn’t even try to dry and buff the paint, i just mopped it up and spread it around and stopped.  two, three seconds of wiping immediately after painting it on.  nothing had enough time to start drying because it was wet enough to run right off.  and so i got a lot of area covered at once, and slowly covered over the splotchiness that plagued me yesterday.  i went back and forth between the two dolphins’ shirts, letting them dry thoroughly between coats.  once the light went, i stopped, and won’t do anymore until i can see again.

then i went around the waves with blue green paint, and covered over all the drips and sloppy edges, and hopefully i won’t have to do it again.

and i sponged a bunch of white over the workboots and wiped it off again, obscuring the scuffing up i did earlier.

on the home depot dolphin, i started with the pants, putting another coat of white on with a brush and brushing it out.  i put more white on the knees, and started going around all the seams and rubbing white over the very tops of the fabric.  it builds up slowly but i’m okay with that at this point.

then i did the shirt, putting thin white on just like i did with the mckenney’s shirt, and wiping it off immediately with a clean paper towel, which got wet after two sections and got put down for a fresh one.  i guess this is the way to do it, rather than using thicker paint which dries faster and streaks.  okay, duh.

then i went around the apron, using yellow ochre to obscure the dirty look of the overlapped blue.  i’ll repaint it orange later.

i started painting in the logo on the hat last night, but it was clumsy and i’ll probably paint it out and start again.  later.

while i was thinking about the drill today, while waiting for jim to show me how he mixes up his two-part epoxy.  no matter what i do to the drill, it’s still going to be made of plaster, and plaster is fragile.

as it turns out.  i don’t know enough about plaster to know this.  this is my first project with plaster.  but i know damn well that this dolphin is going to be moved around, maybe rolled in and out of the store every day.  it’ll have shopping carts bumping into it, people kicking it.

and i can’t have it just splitting open one day, or crumbling into dust suddenly, after someone knocks into it.

so it had to come off.  i sat down on the floor with my utility scissors and slowly slowly dug the drill away from its base, starting at the bit end and working back to the cord.  it took a long time, and generated a whole lot of plaster dust.  and some of the plaster inside was still wet.  where’s that at?

as i was wiggling it off, it separated along the original seam, and broke hafway down the handle.  it’s all in one piece now, however.

i still have to vacuum up the dust, and before that, use the knife to carve away the rest of the plaster, down to the putty.  and i’ll need to go gt more epoxy putty tomorrow, too.

i discussed this at some length with jim and my friend santa, who is a wise old elf.

i could try to cast it in place, using silicone casting compound.  then i could take a hammer to the plaster drill, and recast it in resin using the silicone, then paint it, and glue it back on.

i could carefully remove it using a craft knife, and cast it with the plastoline clay, making a resin cast of it.  then paint and glue.

i could get the original drill out and recast it directly.  this means using the hammer on the cast, too, an added attraction.

or i could go to a pawn shop and buy one, and glue that down.  i refuse to glue down a brand new drill, but an eight dollar drill is a different matter.  as long as it came from the home depot, it’ll be fine.  so i’ll do that tomorrow.  i’ll take the ex drill to make sure that whatever i get has the same base length.


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