color shift

another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  and whats this?  the very first daffodil, open in my yard after a warm day full of bright sunshine.  yay.  it got over 70 on the porch, and i felt my face burn as i sat on the bench and turned my closed eyes to the sun.

so i dragged the dolphins back outside and worked on them.  had to strip right down under my apron, too, until the sun was out of the alley.

today i worked on the shirts and pants.  this is before i started, and you can see how splotchy the dark blue is, and how unconvincing the denim is on the home depot dolphin.

so i got to work with a dark blue glaze of ultramarine, a little thalo, a little black.  very thin.  i brushed it on twice on the mckenney’s dolphin, and since i had loads left, brushed it over the denim.  it worked really well on the jeans, which now look like jeans.  i’ll weather them tomorrow.

i somehow managed to chip my plaster drill.  this is bad.  i’d coated it out with housepaint, the green stuff, and last night started going over the colors with a mix of cadmium red light and a little white to make it opaque.  and somehow, wrangling it around on the palettes, i managed to bump it, and a chunk fell off.  if this happens one more time, i’m going to have to take a hammer to it, and redo the whole idea in epoxy rather than plaster, which is proving to be much too fragile for what this dolphin is going to have to stand.  it’s the single biggest worry i have about this project.

there’s my kid, helping me out for valentine’s day.  she took me out to breakfast, too, and we all went for a walk in the afternoon, me champing at the bit to get back to work the whole time, but enjoying it all nonetheless.  she came over offering to help, and i let her take a black and white gray to the pipes.  she did a really good job, too; there was very little to touch up when i went over it just a while ago.  and i got to talk to her while working to bring the denim shirt up to speed.

i’m still trying to match the piece of fabric your man’s got in his mouth.  it’s hard to do.  see splotches now?

here you can see, altho it seems rather garish in this light, the glaze of dark blue i’ve put over the shirt.  it’s way splotchy, and needs at least one more coat, which i may have given it before the light went, i don’t remember.  the pants are looking good except for that little light bit on the left, behind the seam.  the apron has had a few coats of reddish orange put on, and i’m afraid there’s not enough white in the mix, because it’s completely transparent, so the blue stain on the straps looks dirty even after a couple of coats of orange.

here’s a closeup.  i dabbed dark into it afterwards.  the front of these jeans isn’t as dark as the back, but i’ll deal with that tomorrow.

i’ll deal with a lot tomorrow.  it should be nice and sunny, they’ll go back outside, i’ll get about 6 hours of sunlight work and a couple more of studio work, and i’m getting more confident that this project will soon be completed and please god won’t chip on the way to the aquarium.


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