back and forward

what did i do today, it’s getting fuzzy.  lots of edges.  lots of painting one item of clothing, and then painting the other item again because i got the wrong paint on it.  first the shirt, then the belt, then the shirt.

i took some old brown in a cup, and added white, and then painted it on the mckenney’s dolphin pants.  i put raw sienna on the home depot dolphin’ shoes, rued it in with my fingers.  and then restated the shoelaces on both dolphins.

i took some old light blue in a cup, and added white, and a little black and maybe a drop of thalo blue and some more ultramarine.  and then had to add a bunch more white.  and made it nice and fluffy by adding water, and brushed it on the home depot dolphin’s shirt.  twice, nice and thick.  and it may be too greenish, and might need a coat or two of plain white.  we’ll see tomorrow.

i spent some time putting the white and blue mixture on the peaks of the waves.  not rubbing it in anymore, just trying to build it up.  and it looked fine, overstated even, when it was wet, but dried as if there was no white in the mixture at all.

i spent most of the evening putting on a good coat of cadmium orange hue and white, and went over it again and again along the ties, which have been thoroughly coated with blue over the days since i put it on for a lark.  it’s going to get more orange tomorrow.

after posting last night, i mixed up some more putty and surrounded the pen more.  this morning i put on a coat of kilz and found some old blue paint in a cup that i kept painting on with a finger until it was dark enough.  i’ll adjust it tomorrow.

he’s holding the shirt in his teeth, and it’s still nowhere near the shirt color i have painted on.  not yet.  of course, it’s not the same color it’ll be in the daylight, either.



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