how interesting it is to sit quietly and do my work, hour upon hour, listening to egypt rising, listening to ordinary people wrest their fates away from the old certainties and launch themselves into chaos in order to avoid the devil they know.  and it’s been thrilling for me, because i believe that living in fear is bad.

consequently it’s been a couple of days since i posted.  i simply forgot last night.  i worked until 3 going over things i’d already painted, adjusting colors, building layers, doing subtle things, and then i just went to bed.  the mckenney’s shirt got that much closer to its real color, the necks of the dolphins got closer to whitish.  the pipes got a coat of raw umber just to take the gray away from the blue that you get when you mix black and white.  the beige pipes got more beige, the black pipes got yet another coat.

and then today i painted the necks what looked like the right color when it was wet, and after it dried i ended up losing almost all the whiteness i’d put on yesterday, oh well.

i spent much of the night last night working on the plans.  they’ve been cut out for weeks now and stuck together with blue tape, but all the edges still had to be trimmed, and the final assembly glued to itself so it could be glued onto the pvc pipe.

originally i was going to glue it all down to the tracing paper beneath it, but in the end figured i could just stick it to itself and save on that much bulk and crinkling.  this evening, after the light went, i finished cutting out the delicate bits, weaving pipes in and out of crosspipes, and angled behind skimmers.  i did a bunch of fun things with it that nobody will notice but the nerds in the company – hi guys!

you see in the lower right of the picture – a single lemon drop.  it’s the last one.  before that, there were also atomic fireballs.  now all that’s left are the mints, and since they’re not soft mints, i’ve still got most of them.  i’m having a kind of a thing about candy while i do this.  and i’m not drinking enough water, either.

anyway, what you see above is the bits and pieces of the plan all glued together, and being cut to fit around his flipper.  i painted the tube white, again.  it got way stained today while i put yet another coat of black and thalo blue with a little white on the mckenney’s dolphin, which i’d covered last night after getting it all stained with a similar mixture that was too dark and needed toning down this afternoon.

the shirt is now approaching the right color.  the only thing that bothers me is that the pen still looks like it’s sticking right onto his chest, instead of being in a pocket.  i may have to build it out more with the remaining little bit of putty i have.  which means i’d have to start over on the shirt painting.  argh.

i’ve started laying in some of the details.  i’ve laid on a thin coat of raw sienna onto the workboots of the mckenney’s dolphin, and rubbed it in with my hands, then drawn in the details of the workboots on top of that, and mixed up some yellow ochre and white for the shoelaces, which i put in with the smallest of brushes.  and i decided to make both the sand filters and the protein filters ultramarine blue, just to keep things simple.

on the home depot dolphin, i’ve put another coat of cadmium orange hue on the apron, and started painting the shoelaces on the workboots.  these boots have eyelets that i made by gluing on lock washers.  i really liked the look of the lockwashers, and decided when i saw them that they’d make perfect eyelets.  except of course most workboots don’t use eyelets, but hooky thingies.  oh well.  they’ve got cool eyelets instead.

so it doesn’t seem like i did a lot today, but it’s all getting there.  i’m going to be taking the dolphins back outside over the weekend so that i can make the final color adjustments in sunlight, which is where they’re going to be displayed.  it’s going up to 60 this weekend, so i’ll have a good time outside.

now i have to go see about that putty on the pen, and then i can go to sleep early.  it’s 2:15.

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