today i tried to move closer to the finishing touches.  but i’m not there yet.

however, i got closer to the jeans color i’m looking for on the home depot dolphin.  it was accidental, of course.

trying to mix up the right golf shirt color proves interesting.  i started with ultramarine blue, and just recently stuck on a mixture of white, ultramarine, and thalo blue, and glazed over it with a thin mix of thalo and black.  i also finally turned the cuffs and hems a dark blue-black.  its still way too ultramarine from the first glaze, and is not dark enough so i’ll be doing it again in the morning, when i can see the colors.

as far as the color of the shirt itself goes, it still needs to be darker blue, like the bit of sleeve i have draped over the pvc pipe.  tomorrow.

the pipes i painted gray last night didn’t look right compared to my reference photos.  the black and white mix is just too blue.  so i went over it with a wash of raw umber, and wiped the highlights off while it was still wet.  i may still have to mess with it tomorrow, when i can see the colors.

and i painted over all of the waves of the base with the same dark neutral green i used in the beginning.

i liked the thalo and black so much that i stuck it on the jeans.  and it looks good there.  they need only a tiny little bit of white over them.  and then i have to put in the center line.

and that’s all i did today.  it’s raining out, but i’m going to walk the dog and then go to bed early, with my bowl of chocolate ice cream and my book.  yay.


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