and the name is…

hey it’s only 1 am.  and i got up just after 9 this morning.  so maybe i’m getting back to normal as this long process winds down.

i go thru my days a little addled; things take longer to get thru my head.  i stare off into the distance when someone asks me a question, and if i happen to rest my head against something for a moment, i’ll nod off.  narcolepsy.  it’s fun, actually:  kind of buzzy.

okay.  i got a call from my wonderful contacts at mckenney’s today.  they had a cool idea about a lapel pin, and it’s not too late to add it, since i haven’t gotten the shirt color right yet, and seem to have forgotten to cover the rapidograph body with something resembling fabric.  so it’s kind of too obvious and needs smoothing down, which means putty, which means starting all over with the shirt color.  so the request came just in time.  yay.  it’s a really good touch, another in-engineer joke, so to speak.  they also sent me a scan of their id badge, so that i don’t have to hand-draw their logo, which would end up looking hand-drawn, and since i was able to save the logo on the hardhat, i thought it would be nice to be consistent.  on the other hand, the home depot logos will be done by hand, because that’s how it’s turning out, while all the badges and pins will be real actual and unpainted.

oh, and while i was on the phone with my super secret contacts, i was told, in a hushed and conspiratorial whisper, the results of a very hotly contested contest to name the mckenney’s dolphin.  i’m not exactly allowed to mention it, but this is the name that will go on the id badge.  and it’s a good name, a suggestive name, a resonant name.

and i know it, and you don’t.  hahaha.  one of the perks of being the artist on the job.

you’ll find out soon enough.


today i went around and put white paint on a lot of things.  i put a couple of layers of white on the mckenney’s dolphin’s pants and shoes, and then a bunch of brush and wipe on his chin.  this area has to go very light indeed, and i’ve been dancing around it all day.  it’s not building up very fast with brush and wipe, and it’s looking awkward at this point (but so what?).  so i finally took a brush and put on a very thin layer of white (and didn’t wipe it off) to start the whole thing off, and i’ll add to it gradually tomorrow.  what i’ll do on the home depot dolphin’s skin may be something else again.

on the home depot dolphin, i put white on the hat, white on the shoes, white on the pants, white on the shirt.

the pants still don’t look like jeans.  they’re not blue enough.  and right in the middle of putting (and wiping off) white on the pants, i stuck a couple coats of ultramarine blue on it.  and then lightened up on the white (which is actually white with some raw umber), actually put this white aside and made one up of only white with a tiny touch of blue.  that’s what went on the shirt.  and a coat or two of brush and wipe on the pants as well.  but now the light is gone, and i just can’t judge these things in this light, and will have to wait until tomorrow.  which means getting up early, but since it’s only 1:45 now i might be able to do it.

notice the purple on the base of this dolphin.  i accidentally mixed up a big batch of purple when i was trying to make green (don’t ask how), and rather than throw it out, i decided that purple and green is a nice combination, especially with turquoise.

anyway, i’m going to follow this idea tomorrow, in natural light, and we’ll see how it turns out.


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