its a lovely rainy night in georgia.  i’m watching the radar with complete satisfaction.  another window is showing a morning of live peaceful protests in egypt.  i’ve had a productive day in the studio, and i’m tired and want to go to bed.  the obligatory dog walk will be short, and nobody’s going to mind because…it’s raining.

yesterday’s paint job was just to lay in the base colors.  today was a process of definition.  first the skin tones.

it was decided at the beginning that everybody was comfortable with bottlenose dolphin colors, which handily avoids deciding what human skin color to make the dolphins.  what did i do with the turtles?  oh yeah, i made them turtle colors.  so i guess that’s okay, even tho i’m dressing them up as human males.

i wanted to show the gradual progression of colors with each layer of paint, but my camera isn’t showing it.  the first layer was almost blue black, and streaky, so i mixed up a lighter more neutral gray for the second coat.  for the white underneath part of the dolphin, i mixed in a bunch of white after i finished with the second gray coat.  but the white i’m using is real weak, and i can’t see it in the photos, or even on the dolphin, altho they were obvious enough when they were wet.  i’ll do more tomorrow.  i am being careful with the transition between gray and white (and my kid insists she sees a line of pink in that transition), rubbing it in with my fingers and blotting the edges with a paper towel.

you can’t even see the white under the chin.  in fact, in this picture it’s a lot more warm gray than the blue gray i actually see when i look at it, even in this light.

the next thing i did was to mix up some ultramarine blue, black, and a lot of white, and paint it over his denim shirt.  now it’s too white, but i’m going to go over it with blue washes until it comes out right.  same with the jeans, which is the same mix but with less white.  and i put the jeans color on the gloves, too.

then i had a good look at the reference shots for the aquarium pipes.  some are almost putty gray, others are mid gray, others are almost black, and others are deep black.  don’t know which are which yet; i have to study them to see if there’s a pattern, so i don’t get it wrong.  in the meantime, i mixed up a neutral gray that looked chocolate brown while it was wet, and put it on all the pipes.  i’ll further refine them tomorrow.  and i used the remainder of the brown paint on the belts of both dolphins.

so that’s it, it’s 3:30, and i haven’t proofed this post, nor taken the dogs out, and i guess i’ll forgo the ice cream and chapter tonight.  i’ll just lie there awake, listening to the rain, for maybe 35 seconds, and then i’ll sleep until way past dawn.


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