weeeee-hah.  i’m into a brand new stage in my art project.  all my hard work, until now invisible, begins to pay off.  it won’t exactly speed forward from here, but every painstaking detail will bring it all that much closer to completion, and then i can get to the myriad other projects i have sitting around collecting dust and cat hair.

i went back and finished priming this morning, giving the home depot dolphin the once over with kilz.  i had to do it in the studio, too, even tho the smell was pretty horrible.  it rained and was fixing to rain all day.

mckenney’s dolphin

i posted yesterday’s progress this morning at around 5.  and then puttered around the studio, sweeping and straightening.  it was the end of my bodywork on the dolphins, and i was about to completely change course.  it was time to put away the old things and get out the new.

but i wanted to take a picture of all the old stuff, all the tools and cans of stuff that i used to glue and cast and carve stuff onto the dolphins.  i’ll get to it tomorrow.

as it was, at 6:30 i washed my brushes, turned off the light, left the heat up, took a walk with all three dogs and brought them all upstairs, made coffee, and sat around doing change of shift stuff with jim.  and then i was out like a light, woke up at 11:30, took a long walk with the dogs, and then appeared in the studio just as jim was going out to the shops.

after rearranging my part of the studio and getting out all the acrylics and looking up how a dolphin’s colors change around his face, i was finally ready to start work.  it was 2 pm.

i poked thru a box of acrylic paints to see if maybe there was some indigo, but no; i’ll have to mix it up by eye.  so i started with a weak wash of ultramarine.  indigo is the color of blue jeans, and at the moment i’ve got the home depot dolphin in both blue jeans and a denim shirt.  i may have to rethink the color on the shirt, because he’s all blue.

otoh, blue is the color of the ocean, and it’s entirely appropriate, especially when contrasted with that bright cadmium orange hue.

home depot‘s dolphin

you can see how much the apron looks like fabric now.  the illusion of fabric is because it’s all the same color, and some of it is textured, so all of it looks textured.  this is what i love about the months and months i took building up cut-out seams and casting phones.  it looks stupid all stuck onto a naked dolphin.  but the moment you paint it, it becomes real.

ancient statues were painted.  we see them in museums, and they’re just rock.  but way back a couple of thousand years ago, their statues and buildings were gaudy and riotous.  just like pop culture is now.  and these statues are definitely pop culture.


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