a little time

oh yeah, i’m doing so much better than yesterday.  it’s only almost 5 am and i’m starting this post.  whee.  to bed early for once…this is real progress.

today was interesting because it was rainy all day.  well, it was soft, thank god.  it misted all day.  so i couldn’t continue to prime, because the primer is not a water-based primer, and it wouldn’t do to try and paint a wet statue.  i couldn’t paint.  but there was plenty to do.

so i put a tarp over each, and ducked underneath to do whatever i could.  i mixed up a bit of putty first thing, because i’d been arguing with myself over a last little bit of putty versus finish finish finish.

but i was actually glad today, that it was raining, because i really could use another day of scraping and sanding.

here’s a little emergency.  i left the statues out in the weather last night, tarped against the rain.  and when i looked at it, i noticed some evident corrosion in the plaster.  as if it had been dripped upon and the plaster corroded under the moisture.  and while i was trying to correct these splotches with fresh putty, i rested a finger on the drill, and when i pulled it away, the coating of acrylic came away with a bunch of corroded plaster.  the corrosion part looks that way because of the air bubbles in the plaster, i guess.  anyway, it showed that the plaster had gotten wet, and was falling apart, like the piece of extra plaster that i molded into my fist and then left outside to dry in the cold and damp.  and first it dried, and the next morning it cracked thru, and the following morning it was cracked in a bunch of places, and this morning it was powder on the ground.

but jim insists it’ll be fine as soon as it’s sealed, so i’m going with that.

when it started getting cold, jim and i brought the boys back in to the studio, were it was warm enough for me to work.  so i continued scraping the home depot dolphin, which i’d only stopped last night when i realized it was going to rain.

once i was thru scraping, and you’d be surprised how many layers you can scrape up, i went around with a little bit more putty and got all the little persnickety places i’d noticed before.

and when i was done with that, i went around and slapped blue tape on all the buttons and badges, to save me having to repaint them later, which i wouldn’t do.  i used a sharp razor (most of my scraping razors are as dull as my ex) and cut around the pins and badges, and this took much of the evening, and hurt whenever i raised my arms to cut.

and then i moved the mckenney’s dolphin into jim’s side of the studio and finished priming him.  he’s now ready to paint, and i’ll be starting that tomorrow.

meantime, it’s only just after 5, and i have enough energy to go walk the little dogs and make myself a bowl of ice cream, and sit and read my two chapters before going to coma.


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