pins and patches

well, i had a wee lie-in this morning.  couldn’t actually finish my cup of coffee before falling back asleep, and the grandbaby had no power over my drowsiness.

so, after a luxurious six hours of sleep, i got up, got coffee, and got out the door.  first stop was decatur to pick up a brio hand loom somebody offered me on freecycle, because i have a maybe project coming up, and i need to know how to weave.  thanks tomas.

while i was in decatur i nipped round to the dekalb farmer’s market for essentials (organic romaine and chicken livers), then to patel brothers for peanuts (and tempted to stop at the sari shop to look thru their cotton saris.  i’ve been interested in draped clothing for many years, and jim got me a sari for xmas, but it’s too fine to wear every day so i want one i can get dirty.  the future of clothing is drapery.  i mean the past.)

and then i went over to vinings to visit my contact at home depot’s corporate headquarters.  and it’s funny, because i worked there once, as a temp, for several weeks, and it was fun, and the people were nice.  it’s a small world.  did you know there are home depots in mexico and china?  i wish they had one in ireland, too.   maybe soon.

i’d been asking my contact for official policy about the badges and pins on the dolphin’s apron.  and this is because i’ve been bugging the folks at my local home depot for weeks, and now need to know for sure.  every time i went in to buy plumbing bits and pieces, i would accost some poor associate about their apron.  they must have thought i was a spy.  i would go up to someone with an interesting apron – they all reflect their owner’s personality – and start asking if there were any rules about were you could and couldn’t put stuff.  nobody got defensive, tho, especially once i learned to tell them i was doing an art project.  they’d nod wisely and listen to my story, and then tell me what they did themselves.

bottom line, and i verified this today, you can do whatever you like with your various service pins and patches, as long as it’s on your apron, and as long as it’s limited to stuff you got from the company.  which is like showing me a very large, very white, very empty wall, and handing me a paintbrush and a gallon of paint.

the various pins and patches that i couldn’t give back.

i sat down with my contact person, and she explained that various groups were anxious to have their pin or badge included, and handed me such much loot that i balked.  i’ll never be able to fit it all on, i protested.  oh, but each one of these pins and badges represent the heartfelt efforts of some team of dedicated people trying to make things better.  there’s a lot of pride in those badges and pins.  i mean, there’s their olympic sponsorship, and their foundation, and their campaign to build playgrounds, and their champion car racing team, and their hurricane relief efforts, and their workshops and free education.  home depot’s been giving back to the community since 1979, which is way older than i thought they were.  so i only made her take back the duplicates.

i got this way cool plastic bag to bring home the loot – thanks, terri – you can see it, sort of, on the right hand side of the picture above.  the way cool part about it is that the plastic is very smooth and textural, kind of like the skin of a dolphin.  there’s not enough of it, of course, but it had me going for a minute.  putting textured skin on the dolphin, ooooh.  but hey, that would take me days, and i’m already doing way too much here.  sticking all these pins and badges on is going to take me an entire day all by itself, so i guess i’ll pass on dolphin skin.  it probably wouldn’t be noticeable under primer, paint, varnish, and topcoat.  i’ll save the plastic bag for another art project i have in mind.

after saying goodbye, i went over to publix and bought a dozen 8-ounce cans of hershey’s special dark cocoa.  that’s maybe a six months supply of chocolate ice cream.

the dress rehearsal.

when i first got the apron, i cut the top panel out of it and left just the seams and the pocket.  i wasn’t happy about the pocket since i glued it on.  the back of the pocket is stuck to the dolphin, alright, but the inside of the pocket is only sort of stuck to the top piece.  so it’s flexible.  and i haven’t been happy about it.

the first thing i did was to fetch the cut-out panel and stick it back in place with tape.  then i got out some plastilene clay and stuck on all the badges and pins.  i arranged the badges around the diamond shaped home depot logo.  and then i stuck the pins along the bottom of the pocket.  and put a few of the more significant ones near the name line.  i thought it looked pretty good.

of course, i can’t do anything until jim gets some more epoxy putty when he goes down that way tomorrow.  so i contented myself with putting them on temporarily.

then i went back to putting molding paste around the seams of things, filling in the rest of the bolts.  it was kind of shocking when pins began loosing their hold on the apron and bombarding me.  so i took them all down and got most of the clay off of them.

it struck me while i was having dinner that what i needed to do was to slit the bottom of the apron pocket, and get in there with epoxy putty to back the pins, and then stick the pins right thru the fabric, as you would if you were wearing them, anchoring them and the apron at the same time, and making a good way to get in between the two layers of apron fabric (canvas) so i can glue them back down properly.

sketching it in.

so i got out a new razor blade and slit the apron open at the bottom, all the way across, even under the gloves, and then cut the stitches and slit it up the middle.  you see it folded back.  then i took the apron cut-out off and held it up in front of his chest, while making marks in pencil where the various logos are going to go.  then i took each badge – you can hardly see the marks – held it up to the chest, and outlined it, so i’ll know what i’m dealing with when the putty comes.

and because i never got a good shot of the drill going on, here’s a shot of it in place, stuck down, and filled with more putty and loads of acrylic modeling paste.  the cord where it enters the back of the drill needs reinforcing on both ends – tomorrow,with putty.  i slathered the body of the drill with some modeling paste, just to seal the plaster and further seal it and good and seal it.

and now, even tho i vowed reasonably that it was going to be a short night, what with nothing but acrylic to lay on seams and in hollows, it’s 2 am again.  so i’m going to go walk the dogs, and unwind with a small bowl of chocolate ice cream and 2 chapters of my space opera.   and then i’ll get up and do it all again.  except for the running around doing errands and seeing people part.  i’m done driving for awhile.  i spent 3 hours on the road today.


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