modeling paste

well, it’s after 2 again.  i’ve been discovering the joys of youtube playlists.  tonight – steeleye span and fairport convention and fotheringay, with some sinead o’connor tossed in.

the first thing i did today was to coat the drill with some acrylic medium and let it dry, then mix up bunches of putty, all i had left, ahem, and stick the drill on my dolphin.

alas, i never got a process photo, and my final photo shook too bad to publish.  so there goes a very vital part of this documentation.  it’s just not very useful or interesting without pictures.

anyway, the drill has a cord. i decided to put most of the cord under the drill, so i used bunches of putty to stick the cord down, and then used bunches more putty to stick the drill down.  it’s stuck down mostly at the handle end, where it rests on the crest of a wavelet, on its drillbit end, and along the barrel, where it crosses some waves.  it took all the clay i had left, except for a little bit,

which i put between the apron layers to hold the brushes and pencil down.  then i took handfuls of acrylic gel medium and got all in between the layers of the apron, trying to glue them down finally, now that i was settled on what to put into the pockets.  the problem is that the fabric is stretched so tight that i couldn’t get my hand all the way to the bottom.  while i made sure to completely coat the top of the apron. with acrylic, i don’t have any illusion that it will somehow penetrate to the lower layer and stick them both together.  i plan to slit it with a razor blade and fill it with glue if i find that any of it moves after it’s dry.

i made sure to seal the brushes with acrylic before putting them on, because the hairs need to be very stiff, and i might as well do it all at once if i can.

the half gloves have been hanging on the dolphin for a week.  today i took a plastic grocery bag and a handful of acrylic, and squished the gloves around in the bag until they were saturated, and then put them back into the apron pocket.  and for the next two or three hours i pressed the gloves into the statue whenever i thought about it.  just did it again, six hours later, and they’re still flexible.  can’t have flexible.  i’ll deal with it tomorrow.

i spent most of my time coating the washers and bolts and electric cords with acrylic modeling paste.  i needed to get into all the cracks, and fill all the low places and holes.  it took hours.  i’m getting used to sitting on the floor.  i don’t have all the white stuff off my fingernails and the backs of my hands yet, but i’m not really caring very much.

i’m almost out of acrylic modeling paste.  i’m all out of epoxy putty.

i still have to secure the sides of the paint tray, which are not only biodegradable (it says on the package) but flimsy and movable.  i’m going to have to roll out very thin sheets of putty and put them on all the exposed parts of the paint tray.  whee.  and i probably have to cover the paint roller as well because i don’t trust the stability of the plaster coating or the polyurethane underneath it.

oh yeah, i put the back pockets on both dolphins today.  again, i waited until i was sure nothing was going to have to go into the pockets before actually committing myself.  i cut them down, because they’re from huge big pants that stood a chance of actually fitting on these dolphins (50″ waist, 18″ inseam).  then i slathered them with acrylic gel medium, and stuck them on the backs of the dolphins.  i had to cut one of them to go around the apron.

so, what do i have to do next?  i still have to fill and surround the bolts with modeling paste.  i have to get putty and put it on the sanding pad, the paint tray and roller, around the gloves and in select parts of the apron pocket, reinforce the drill’s electric cord that went on today, build up around the brim of the baseball cap, and build around the roll o’plans pvc pipe.  and maybe that’s it for the epoxy putty. after that i have to sand lightly.  and wait until it gets warm enough outside.  let’s look at the 10-day forecast…wow, it’s getting up to 60 this weekend.  too cool.

can’t get the putty until friday, but that’s okay, because i’m going to be out and about for much of tomorrow.  i’m almost ready to prime and start painting.

it’s another exciting moment, wrapping up one stage and starting the next.  it’s so easy to rush ahead and leave things done that really should have been taken care of before.  it’s a critical path kind of thing.  it’s so much more expensive, i.e. time consuming, to have to go back and correct mistakes.  that’s why i’m going around the whole thing with modeling paste, even tho i’m going to prime it after that.  i want to give every little part one last look before covering it over forever with paint.

and please god make it soon.


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