i’m a rhinestone cowboy.  sung to the tune of i’m a washer dolpjin.

today was two trips to home depot, one with the grandkid this morning, and one with jim this evening after an art show.  washers, both times.  i completely ran thru 100 1/4″ washers, and had to get another box of #6 and #8 washers as well.

never mind the nuts in the middle two rows

i’ve been having fun.  remember how i panicked a couple of night ago – i do most of my worrying before i do the work; once it’s begun it’s let go and let the fairies.  so once jim persuaded me not to do another test run with plastolene, i was fine mixing up a batch of epoxy and sticking on washers.

i really got into it, rolling out snakes, smushing the putty, finding the right sized washer, pressing it in, wiping the line down with orange oil.  each line became the center of my world for the 20 minutes it took to put it on.

i decided to do the washers first and leave the nuts for later.  the shininess reminds me of chain mail.  i had a chain mail necklace when i was a teenager.  recently my kid came home with one that looked just like it, 40 years later.

i did the backs of the waves with the washers, starting with the center line, and working down the top layer of wavelets to the left.  then i moved down to the next level.  there’s not really much to do on the bottom level, because both the waves on either side of the center line are mostly foam, or the inner curlicues, anyway.

but looking at it i think i need to expand the area on the bottom left, and tomorrow i’m going to fill in a little more on the bottom even lefter.  on the extreme right you can see the lines are only on the edges of the backs of the waves.

i don’t want to extend full coverage all the way out to the edge.

because i caught it in time, so i can say i did it on purpose, i decided that it would be great if you couldn’t really see all this gaudy tiling from the front.

so, from the front, the dolphin will have the look of a normal associate demonstrating his specialty, straightforward and helpful.  but turn him around and he’s a definitely an artist, like many of the people i know who work there.  he’s got a blank patch where he can’t reach with the brush, and behind his back he’s been working with the products he uses every day on a whimsical art project. in fact, he’s going to go a bit nuts with it if i don’t stop soon.  if i don’t stop him, i mean.

if i worked at home depot, i’d be making art out of the little pieces all the time.  you might find them in an aisle, one of my pipe fitting animals, or a hardware manikin.

there’s a good name – demo dolphin.  i still like diy dolphin, tho.   but it’s not up to me.

the drill is still in the oven upstairs.  i haven’t even checked on it.  i don’t have time to go upstairs and check on things.  i’m up there to wolf down dinner and talk to jim for a minute, i’m up there to walk the dogs three times a day, and i’m up there to fall into bed around 2 every morning.  and that’s about it.  if jim didn’t feed me, i’d starve.  well, actually, i’d go thru my stash of peppermints.

i used epoxy putty to fix the roller to the handle, and the sanding block to its holder.  tomorrow i’m putting them into place, and pouring plaster around the roller.  and gluing on the paint can lid.  i’m not sure when i’ll put the drill on, i have to glue it together and seal it first.


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