my hips hurt

you’ve got to be used to sitting on the ground to go sitting on the ground at my age.  the old hips don’t like sitting on the floor, even on a cushion.  and the knees hate it.  when i get up after an hour on the floor, it takes up to a full minute to rise to a stoop, groaning all the way.  then i limp for about a minute, and can still feel it ten minutes later on the dog walk.  getting old beats the alternative, however, so i’m not complaining.

this morning i encased the mckenney’s dolphin’s long 1/4″ tube in putty, like i thought i might do.  it migth work out.  i want to put some sort of truss on it.  but not now.  i spent an hour or two putting beads of molding paste in the seams, and then moved on.

to the home depot dolphin.  i got really excited seeing how well the objects fitted around the base of the dolphin, and so didn’t want to wait to start on him again.

i’ve got this liquid nails stuff that i’ve never used, mainly so that i can stick the empty container onto the dolphin.  but i read up on it, and liquid nails is one of the things, the other being magic sculp, a two-part epoxy like the one i’m using, that cowpainters recommends for gluing things down to their fiberglass sculptures.

but i wasn’t sure, and read somewhere that if you’re really concerned with adherance, you’re better off using putty.

so i did.  everything came off the dolphin and i took a large brush and dusted all the crap off.  after sitting around in my studio, you’d better believe he’s full of dust and debris.  i was thorough.

i’d marked the line of the cord with my carpenter’s pencil before taking all the tape off, so it was easy to see where the cord had to go.  and in fact, the shape of the sculpture dictates where the cord is going to go.  it’s well designed to shed water, so there are channels in the sculpture, natural falls.  so i just kept to the channels and the thing wrapped itself.

as you can see, i laid out a thinnish snake of putty under where the cord wanted to go, and smushed it lightly to make it adhere to the dolphin.  then i came along with the cord and pressed it into the putty, and then smushed putty around both sides for a good seal.  the orange oil was open at my feet, and i used it to smooth the putty every ten inches or so.

i’ve gone all the way around the base once now, using two tennis ball sized batches of putty.  more tomorrow.  i’m halfway thru the cord, and that’ll go on tomorrow.  only then can i start putting on the other objects.

i was going to put the paint can on there all sealed up, but it’ll be much more fun if the lid is off and you can see the paint inside.  so i’m going to bolt the can onto the flipper and fill the bolt, then fill the can with plaster, and seal the plaster so it doesn’t absorb too much, and then paint it with paint colors.  i can even put drips down the side.  i can do the same thing for the mini paint tray and roller.  i’m going to soak the brush, the roller, and the sanding pad in polyurethane, so to stiffen and seal all three very porous objects.  then i can glob stuff onto them to make them look like they’ve got paint on them.

this is going to look so cool.

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