1/4″ tubes

the pipes are done, now time to do the small stuff.  of which there’s not much, so it’s easy to do, and it’s nice to finish with something easy.  except i ran right out of elbows, and need to get four more tomorrow.  sure hope they’ve stocked up from last time i was thru there.  i cleaned them out then.

i test-built the little 1/4″ tubes to make sure they fit, then took them all apart again, cut proper lengths of tubing, and then got out the putty, poked some in each fitting, jammed the tubes in, and connected them, starting from one end and going to the other.

flexible.  this is it all built, but not anchored.  i used the rest of the putty to anchor it, and will need to mix up some more tomorrow, because as much of the tubing has to be built into something as possible.

do you know i’m going to have to go out and get yet another thing of putty?  it goes so fast, it’s not funny.

here are the tubes anchored in.  you can’t see very well, but it goes up from the red turny thing, goes over and then down, and then over a bit along the surface of the flipper, and then up, and then over to the legs, then up, and over into the skimmer.

the skimmer is my vitamin bottle full of acrylic and styrofoam, which i poked a hole into today and lo and behold out came a bunch of still liquid and very runny thinned acryilc.  so i’m just letting it drain now.

on top of the vitamin bottle you can see the red of the cap, and there’s a ms dash yellow cap on top of that, and the green ms dash cap on top of that.  i had filled the caps with styrofoam, and now put a thin layer of putty down and squished the caps onto the putty.  then i wrapped it all up with putty, and attached it to the legs.  as for the pipe going into the top of the skimmer, it’s a pen cap with a movable clip, stuffed with putty and stuck onto a screw embedded in the green cap and covered with molding paste (the white stuff).

now that i come to think of it, maybe the pipe should run from the pump to the body of the skimmer, because i think the pipe from the top of the skimmer drains out to the sludge tank.  hmmm.  it’s been hours since i put it together.  it’s a cold night, maybe it’s not dry…

right.  i had to wrench the tubes and elbows up from the putty bases, and use the pliers to pull the tubes from the elbows, but i got the tube out.  the putty hadn’t quite set, tho it had set too much to refit the cap on the screw – it got messed up so i took it off and cleaned the putty off it.  scraped putty out of the old elbow so i can fit another pipe in there tomorrow.   i carefully relaid the pipe and reattached and resmoothed the putty.  and now the right tube is attached to the right pipe.  tomorrow, after my trip to home depot, i’ll reattach the pen cap and screw, and finish building the tube the rest of the way to the bottle.

while not doing puttying, i grabbed the gallon tub of acrylic modeling paste and continued to run a bead around any putty seams, to level them, and to seal them.  then i took a bunch of paste and covered the undersides of the pipe.  no matter how well i seal the paint when i’m done, the undersides of things are probably not going to be well-covered by the final topcoat, so it’s up to me to see it’s sealed and waterproof.  there’s such a thing as doing too much, too much redundancy, but i haven’t reached it yet – the deadline isn’t past.

* * *

it hit me in a flash tonight while i was working on the mckenney’s dolphin.  my poor home depot dolphin is standing there in the corner of the studio, basically holding things for me.  he hangs out while i’m working, keeps me company, hands me things so i don’t have to get up off the floor.  i’ll swear he whispers advice in my ear.  technical hints; things i don’t know.  like your typical home depot associate, who is a specialist in his or her area.  like the plumbing lady at my local branch.

so it hit me.  this guy’s been helping me all these many weeks.  i think he’s learned enough to be let loose with his own project.  so the home depot dolphin is going to paint him self.

you read it right – pablo dolphin is going to decorate his own waves with home depot hardware he got at work.  he’s going to paint his clothes, and it’s going to be as if you walked in on him working on himself.  he’s going to have a drill, a bottle of glue, some epoxy putty, a can of paint,.  he’ll have a dripping paintbrush in his mouth, and an unpainted spot on his back that he just can’t reach.

how do you like that?

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