glue’s not just for street kids

when i lived in dublin in the ’80s, there was a problem with street kids sniffing glue.  they’d walk around with plastic bags held to their noses.  they walked funny, acted drunk, fell down, did stupid crimes, died early, just kids, eight, ten years old.  not just from sniffing glue, but because of the dire poverty of their situations, of which glue was but a symptom.

but i’m not a glue sniffer.  i don’t have to hold it to my nose in a plastic bag.  i’m sitting next to two containers of glue of the worst sort, and can smell it on my clothes, and even in the air when i go upstairs and go to bed (actually it’s in my nose i’m smelling it).

Methyl Ethyl Ketone
PVC Resin
Amorphous Fumed Silica

no, i’m a glue breather, not a sniffer.  but that’s okay.  the only symptoms, beside a shrunken and holey liver, which would be what they refer to as delayed damage, is a bit of a sore throat and a small amount of difficulty breathing.  which i’ve dealt with already, thanks for your concern.  it’s not the glue that’s doing me the harm.  it’s sitting on the floor with my legs either crossed or stretched out in front of me.  it’s my knees.  it’s my hips.  it’s my lower back.


so i put pipes together all day yesterday, and much of the day today.  these are all the completed pipes so far, in their places.  finally.

but i’m not done yet.  i had forgotten about the 3/4″ pipe in the back.  i went to bed without finishing it.  i’ll fix it tomorrow, as my landlord in brooklyn used to say.  but the fairies haven’t exactly been helping when i go to bed.  maybe it’s the pvc resin; that’d scare me off too.  i had to finish the pipe to the right of the Y joint, as well as the pipe running along the statue’s base to the left.  i got the pipe to the right finished today.

but the pipe to the left, going around the base, is giving me fits.  this is where i’m going to have to start cutting actual 3/4″ pipe, rather than using interconnecting fittings.  i’ve been getting by with the fittings, except for joining 45-degree angles together in the 1/2″ pipe.

so what you’re seeing in the photo above, on the floor, is the spacing between fittings where i’m going to have to cut pipe.  tomorrow.  but with any luck, i’ll be done once i get them all glued.  i’ll be out of glue, also.

and ready to start taking pipe fittings back to the store.  i’ll do it in small batches so i don’t make enemies of the returns associate.  don’t piss off the employees, they work hard for their pay and need your support.

an aside, i’ve been listening to internet radio while working late.  jim’s in bed, and can’t be accosted by loud rock and roll, but i’ve been listening to radio2xs lately, and just found the world music channels on live365, so i’m bopping to indian music at the moment, and really working out the stiffness i collapsed into sitting on the ground for the last three days.

dancing is good.


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