and my back hurts

okay, this is going to be short, because it’s midnight again and i’m bone tired.  my bones are tired.  they ache.  i feel a lot older than 54.  but i’m making progress.  and i’m not killing myself.  just working 9 hours a day or so, 7 days a week.

this is the fit-together version of the 1/2″ pipe running from the back of the sand filter.  to solve a continuing problem connecting the 45-degree elbows together, i ended up cutting 1″ lengths of 1/2″ pipe from the actual 8′ length i bought, the first such cut so far.  pipe cutters are the shit.

i spent another hour in home depot today, not gibbering in front of the shelves, but putting one of every fitting in four sizes into a bucket.  and still it wasn’t enough.  i’m going to the huge store in vinings tomorrow with specific parts to see if i can’t get.

this is the 3/4″ pipe going from the outlet into a wavelet, working back toward the y.

the y is what i’m holding with my hand, and the pencils represent 1/2″ pipe i’m going to have to cut to fit.

this is running to the left pump from a wavelet on the other side of the flipper.

this is running from a wavelet halfway up the flipper to the right pump.  also showing the 1/4″ piping running from the pump to the top of the skimmer (to be built).

and this is what all the lengths of piping look like, strung on individual lines and hung from my dolphin’s mouth, for all the world like the day’s catch on display.  good dolphin.  have  a fish.

but tonight i’m going to bed with a list of things to get scrawled on the side of the dolphin because i didn’t have my sketch pad near.  and getting up off the floor for something as trivial as a notebook just isn’t worth the pain.


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