staying up late gets old

this staying up to midnight and after is getting old fast.  it’s only the second night i’ve done it, but when you have to wake up to coffee and bright three-year-old conversation skills at dawn anyway, it starts to hurt.  i did get a 20-minute nap in the middle of the morning.

this is the 1″ pipe, all fitted together and ready to be assembled.  first it has to be cleaned, the labels removed, the plastoline removed (how?)  ok, first off, it’s plasticine.  oops.  but you can make it, with oil and clay, a little beeswax.

this is the 3/4″ pipe that runs around the back along the bottom.

i don’t know where the right hand branch of the 3/4″ pipe goes yet, once it makes the bend next to the pump.

this is the end of the 1/2″ pipe that starts at the protein skimmer.  this is the longest run of pipe, and the most problematic, because all the joins are flush.  i was able to join everything on the larger pipes (so far).  i stuck a ballcock in there for interest, it’s such a rhythmic flow of 45-degree angles.

this is the far end, to where it turns up and goes to the skimmer.  at this point i haven’t quite figured out the couple of inches above the 90-degree el.

but here we have it, from the 90-degree bend on up to the bottom of the bottle i have yet to figure out what to use for.

and this is one of the two 1.5″ pipes i’m using, one on each side.  i had to make sure it would fit over the 1/2″ pipe.

all in all, i’ve got three very long sections of pipe over there on the floor, all lined up, but in peril if the dog decides to go to sleep there tonight.

tomorrow i have to go back to home depot AGAIN.  i spent two hours in there today, and tomorrow by god i’m going to get one of every pvc plumbing fitting they have, and come back to see if i can make all that 1/2″ pipe fit together instead of butting.

i’m going to continue building the runs of pipe until i have all of it done.  i’m getting ready to mark them with a sharpie, or tie them in line together; something.

i figure i’ll assemble the pipes using pvc glue, and then wrap them in gauze, to look like wrapped pipes, to make the joins stronger, and so that i can paint them later.  you can’t really paint pvc.  it scrapes right off.  so a cloth covering will do, and it’ll look just like expensive tape. hah.

but it’s almost midnight.  i’ve got to walk the dogs and go to bed.  i’m tired now.  like i wasn’t tired before.


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