getting somewhere

so it’s official.  santa’s not bringing me a new sony a33 dslr.  we’re waiting to see what happens with the competitors next year.  besides, santa doesn’t bring me cameras.  cameras come out of our bank account, and we don’t have any spare money, thanks.  but as far as that goes, we don’t have to spend $700 right now, and i can go out and get stocking stuffers instead.  whew.

so here’s a start.  the plastoline is the gray lumpy stuff where the skimmer’s supposed to go.  except i just figured out it had to be a sand filter instead.  which means going back to home depot and making up a sand skimmer out of parts.  i can do it, because the kind guys at the life support systems department of the georgia aquarium kindly donated a real engineered mockup of a sand filter, and i need two.  so the rest is up to me, because god sure helps those who help themselves.

i’ve used bits of stick to hold the 1/2″ pipes together, and bits of clay to stick tem down.  you can see the 1.5″ pipe curving over and the 1/2″ pipes going thru the middle, then bending around to cruise to the back of the base.

and here you can see the two pumps, and in the rear left there’s the one sand filter, but you can only barely see it leaning against his leg.

it’s very comforting to be able to see what i’m doing.  of course, with a physical sculpture going, i can’t but see it in front of me.  it won’t happen if i can’t see it and hope to make it the same way.  but having to imagine it, with all the permutations and tolerances and different lengths and angles, it drives me crazy just thinking about it.

it will go much faster now that i can build it and stick it on, even if only temporarily.  i have to make sure to build it out from the equipment, the pumps and the filters, because that way it’ll make sense, and if i just build it where it will fit and/or look cooll, then i’ll be missing the point.  people who know what they’re looking at will take one glance and dismiss it as merely decorative, were i want an engineer to look at it and imagine what the inside of the dolphin must look like in order to make it work.

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