trying on clothes

well, i’ve bought size 52 waist jeans for my dolphin, and an xxxl workshirt at the thrift store.  and we’re here on the coldest night so far, trying on clothes.  the shirt’s too small, but at least the pants fit.

what i mean by the pants fitting is that the seams fit.  to be more precise, the waistband fits.  cutting the waistband away from the rest of the pants and buttoning it around the dolphin, i can bring it right up under the beginning of his tail fin.  that’s about where his waist should be.

i went around the waist with my handy-dandy level, making sure the waistband was level, because nothing looks stranger than a horizontal line being just that little bit off.  if it’s going to be off, it should be way off.  if it’s just a little off, it looks like bad workmanship.

here you can just see stuff stuck on with tape.  i’ve started cutting things apart now.  the collar only goes half way around this beast’s neck, so i have to make up the rest of the collar out of seams that match the collar seam.

funnily enough the only seams like that are on the yoke, so i had to dismantle the yoke for its seam.  it’s hard to get used to, but it’s the seams of the clothes that are valuable, rather than the bulk of the fabric.  there won’t be much left of the apron when i get thru with it, either, but it’ll still end up looking just like the apron you see every day at home depot.  the magic of paint.

the waistband of the pants is only visible halfway around him, once the apron’s on, so to save on bulk i cut the front of the waistband off, after carefully marking exactly what the apron would cover.  i’m going to be putting a faux walkie-talkie into one of the pouches of the apron, so i need to leave room on one side for the bulk pulling the edge of the apron in some.  i may have to use putty to build out the corner of the apron, give it a little flair.

the side seams of the jeans are just taped on in the picture, but when it came down to it i cut a carefully measured length and used gel medium to glue it down to the leg of the dolphin.  at this point, i have the back of the waistband, the hem at the bottom of the legs, and the side seams of the jeans glued down.  everything else is only taped as yet.  and i still have to cut down the back pockets before putting them on, like i cut down the side seams, and the pants hem, because altho he’s a fat old dolphin, he’s really very short legged, and everything needs to be cut down to look okay.

next i cut the seams out of the apron and glue them on.  i’ll cut away everything in the middle, but keep the pouch because i’m going to put things into it.

the back of the collar is just a little string of a seam.  i may add another string to represent the top of the collar, but i may not.

i’ll glue the collar on tomorrow, or when i get up in the middle of the night and come down here to work.  but i’ll try really hard not to do that, because it’s going down into the 20s tonight.  that, plus my grandkid has gone to the other side of the family for his week with them, and so i can work all day down here tomorrow.

because we can’t let the baby loose in the studio now that he’s learned how to open jars.


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