boo microcenter.  i bought a powerspec n103 tower computer from them.  it’s an inhouse brand, they load the operating system on it in the back room.  i bought it because it ran linux.  so i wouldn’t have to deal with microsoft anymore.

i hook everything up, and my old scanner doesn’t work.  i look it up, and ubuntu linux doesn’t have a driver for it.  nor does canon, my scanner manufacturer.

i call microcenter and ask them what scanner they’d recommend.

and, oops, they don’t recommend a scanner, don’t know what scanners work, suggest i check with the manufacturers of individual scanners.  who, according to some guy on some forum, don’t support drivers for linux machines because microsoft told them not to.

is it irresponsible of microcenter to sell me a computer with holes in it and not tell me?  or is it good business practice?  woe to you who step outside the bounds of corporate ownership.


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