enter stage left

presenting the home depot dolphin.

he’s outside in the alley, waiting until i move mckenney’s dolphin outside to prime him.  there’s not much room in the studio for two dolphins.  i’m outside with homey dolphin, taking advantage of the warmth (sort of) to sand him down.  i left him several weeks ago in my daughter’s apartment, with a bunch of body putty smoothed but not sanded.  now that he’s back in the alley and i’m ready to work on him, he still needs priming over the patches.

but get this.  it rained for the last couple of days, the way it only rains in the south, and when i jostled his flipper just now, i got a drop of water, even tho it’s been sunny for two days.  that means water’s collected in his flipper again.  there are no obvious holes in his flipper, and the thinnest part of the fiberglass is underneath.  so how did he collect water?  and more than a few drops.  when i tilted him over and emptied his flipper, i heard the trickle.

i pushed the whole thing over and noticed that the base is put onto the body solidly, and then the middle is broken out, which makes it easier to position for sure.  but it’s not exactly crawl-friendly up past the base.  so unless i want to get in there and carve it all the way out, i’m going to be able to bolt things on to the base and loser legs only.  hmmm.

i’m writing this as a break, because now i have to go back out and sand off the base.  this time i’m putting my apron on.

i’m pretty sure you don’t know the joy of playing with life sized dolls.  i can make my dolphins dance around, i can give them things to say.  right now they’re in the middle of a conversation about the sad state of my alley and what a bad housekeeper i am.  after this shot i had to forcibly separate them.  the home depot dolphin is just too much of a neat freak for mckenney’s dolphin, who’s been living in my nice warm studio for weeks now and has grown to appreciate me.  now they face away from each other, and each has a nice view out into the alley, where it’s still autumn and sometimes lovely.

i had to remark to myself again today the vast difference in the finish of the two naked dolphins, one being oh so smooth compared to the other one.  the difference between one person’s hand and another’s.

as i was sanding away the bondo of my home depot dolphin, i pondered what i’m going to do with the base.  there’s a particular hollow in the waves, and i’m thinking i should put an electric drill tere.  i certainly can’t put it in his flipper.

i’m going to have to figure out how to do a walkie talkie, probably out of bondo, likewise the drill, because i’m not having a real drill on the thing, because it’ll walk for sure.  and it’s such a shame to ruin a perfectly good drill just for the sake of art.  a sacrilege, really.

one almost oops.  while i was outside in the sun, dealing with the accumulated water in the poor guy’s flipper, i wanged his nose against the next door neighbor’s basement window, and could easily have broken it, which would suck.  as it is, i’m going to have to exercise a bunch more care, possibly even move the palettes i’m resting them on.

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