dolphin update

after turning the hat over on its back and letting the spray foam cure for a couple of days, i hacked at it with a razor blade (the difference in density inside the helmet is amazing, from cotton candy to hard plastic) until it fit readily on the dolphin’s head.  i actually carved too much out of the middle, but that’s how it came out.

you can see large holes around the edges, visible once i cut away the stuff on top of it.  jim insists these things will make the epoxy bond tighter, so okay.

this is what it looks like carved out.  tonorrow, the epoxy, and with the leftovers filling out the collar, and then it’s ready to be primed and painted to look like a dolphin.

jim’s son michael says if i cut plans for his safety glasses, he’ll cut me some plexiglass, so i have to do that real soon now.

but starting tomorrow i’m going to be busy putting pvc pipe together and cutting lengths.

i went to home depot today with the pumps and pipes the life support systems guys put together and donated to the cause (thanks y’all), and while i didn’t find anything that looked very like what they knocked together, i did get all/some/most of the pipes and fittings i’ll need to make a structure around the base of him.

first i got eight-foot lengths of pvc pipe.  1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch pipes.  then i went and got 4 90-degree elbows, 4 45-degree elbows, and 2 t junctions for each size of pipe.

then i went and got all sorts of reducing junctions and a few fancy looking things.

i don’t know how much i will need, and i can take it back if i don’t use it.  but i bought well over  hundred dollars worth of piping today, and i’m not done, because on the way out i saw some aquarium tubing kind of things, and i still don’t have a protein skimmer yet.  and other stuff.

but this will keep me busy for awhile.

i couldn’t find the right flanges, so i got iron flanges, but they might be too heavy.  perhaps shower rod flanges will do; maybe i have to sculpt them out of epoxy.

add to that the fact that my kid’s steady moved the second dolphin out into the alley next to the studio this evening (in the rain, poor sod).  i have to sand the fill i put on there, and prime that, and then i’m ready to start putting clothes on him.  he’s going to be the home depot dolphin.

i had a chat with the check out person about the home depot dolphin.  i told her they were probably going to display it at the ponce home depot (my neighborhood store), and i was trying to decide what to put in his mouth.  a screwdriver, wrench, hammer?  his wallet?  what do you think?


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