starting from scratch

sometimes you just have to get all the way naked and start over.

the end result of several hours of cleanup after the little procedural mistake with the spray foam.  he’s balder than he was when i got him, to prepare for the two-part epoxy that’s going to work, i swear.

when i got thru trimming, the floor was covered.  this is the stuff you can see, the the camera isn’t picking up a tenth of it, and the dust gets everywhere:  in the computer, in my eyes, in my lungs.

the reason i had to take the hat off was that the spray foam insulation never cured inside the hat, but kept being liquid, and kept pushing thru little channels until it got to the air.

and then once i dug into it with a palette knife and a razor and hit a wet spot, it oozed out all night again.

you can see, in the upper right part of the inside of the hat, where it’s shiny.  that’s where it’s still wet and uncured after, what? a week?  it continued to swell and bubble up; i’ll take a picture after it’s cured to show how much it continued.

how would you feel if someone just snatched all your hair off, like that?  it hurts me just seeing it.  i had to use a long handled, flat bladed screwdriver to punch thru the foam and pry the hat off.  it really does stick very well.  if only it wouldn’t keep expanding.  then i had to take a razor blade and scrape all the grummies off, and then sand it right down to the fiberglass (the first picture), and ten was it with alcohol.  now i have to wait until the foam in the hat has cured for sure, and then carve it out and then stick it down to the head with plenty of epoxy.


that’s how many days wasted doing the wrong thing?  a full week.  and now several more days waiting for it to cure.  i’ve got to get over to home depot and start buying pipes and fittings, just as soon as this holiday weekend is over and i can sit on the floor in plumbing without getting runned over.


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