clean as you go

i’ve got a fiberglass sculpture working in the same room as my computer.  how smart is that?  does anybody know what fiberglass dust and epoxy dust and basement studio dust do to the inside of a computer?  never mind the dog dander from sebastion spending his nights on my futon couch?

of course, i wouldn’t have gotten this far on my dolphin if i hadn’t moved my computer down here.  as discussed a number of posts ago.  so the devil you know versus the strange one.

the reason this is coming up now is because i’m over there ripping thru the bubbled-out spray foam insulation, trying to get it off, not even cleanly, just get it the hell out from under the hardhat.  if i had the right materials.  that’s the bane of my existence.  my first boyfriend, an architecture student who i now find is actually a practicing architect (yay for my friends making something of themselves despite all promises to the contrary), my first boyfriend, i say, taught me drafting using only a straight edge, a triangle, and a pencil.  none of the fancy equipment, none of the slick shortcuts.  just the basics, and if you can make a good drawing with the basics, the rest is expensive gravy that’ll only clog your arteries.  so now i insist on reinventing the wheel every time.  thus the wrong tools.

i’m using a razor blade wrapped at one edge with tape, and my fingernails, to cut thru and scrape out from under the hat.  i tried to use a  palette knife, but it was too fat, and i can’t find my thin one in all this mess and don’t want to take the time to go get a flat bladed screwdriver from jim’s end of the studio, and so i’m bending my fingernails back against their beds, and slicing into the fiberglass (not easy) with the blade, and cursing and sweating.

but of course with the proper tools it all just flakes off like it was dried eggwhites on a plate.


and that, jim says, is why i’m an artist instead of an artisan, or an artist rather than a scientist.  that’s why my bread comes out different every time, even tho i make two loaves a week at least.  i’m always trying something different.  i refuse to stick with what works, with the established method, with the one right way.  i denounce one right ways.

the screwdriver did the trick.  the razor will slice thru it no problem, but doesn’t have any leverage, and the fingernails are no match for plastic.  but the flat blade of a hefty screwdriver can scrape and pull and dig and gouge just right, and the job is mostly grunting and resting my poor tired right arm a lot.

and the floor is covered with bits of foam.  i’m going to have to get the handy vacuum cleaner my mom got me (thanks mom) and suck all this shit up before it gets trampled and goes to dust.  this place is filthy.  and the mold.  it’s going to be one of those thing i tackle one of those days.  yeah, after writing my memoirs and finishing the dolphins and cataloging jim’s stuff in the attic, i’ll put the mold in the studio right on up there.  i wonder if i’ll have it done before going off on our next european cultural tour, in another 5 years.

next i have to put some sort of padding under the collar where it’s going to stick out from the body.  because if i don’t, someone will try to rip the collar off.  it’s got to be securely glued to something that’s securely attached to the body of the fiberglass sculpture, or it’s going bye-bye.

the bits of foam are creeping closer to the computer every time i come over here for a drink of coffee.  they’re following me, magnetized, and glomming onto charged surfaces.  oh noooooooooooo.

and the day when i have to cart all my bits and pieces over to the hardware store is fast approaching.  else that, or start on the other dolphin and delay the inevitable in this case…


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