following directions

maybe i will, maybe i won’t.  i can figure this out myself versus “read the fucking manual”.

how about itchy hands all night because i didn’t wear gloves while using spray foam insulation and acetone, and because these hands aren’t 24 anymore, but 30 years older?

where’s the manual say so?  right on the label.  use gloves.  what’s it say on this label?

handle responsibly.  plan.  prepare.  practice.
wear gloves & protective eyewear.
etc etc etc.

avoid skin contact.  may cause sensitization.

polymeric diisocyanate, polyurethane prepolymers, isobutane, propane, dimethyl ether.

and clean up with acetone.

holy shit.

so i wake up in the middle of the night during one of my overheating phases.  i already have had my feet out of the covers for awhile, and now i have to bring the quilt down to my waist and let the sweat evaporate, mostly asleep the whole time.

but my palms start itching, like they do after i’ve been washing stuff in really hot water for a few minutes.  so i start scratching them, and then they really start itching.

that’s when i reach for the coconut oil and sit there rubbing and rubbing, trying to peel the dried on foam off my fingers and the backs of my hands.  but it doesn’t come off, because it’s bonded to my skin.  my skin has to come off first.  great.

it’s like this when i dye fabric.  i don’t use gloves, and so my hands get all stained, and, i think, cool looking.  but this shit is toxic.  like washing with superglue.  so it’s on my hands, like dye, until the skin wears off.  i can go dig in the garden, if i like, or go soak in the bath and read a novel from cover to cover.  santa recommended benedryl, but i’m all out, or actually, i can’t remember where i put the useful drugs when hiding them from trouble.  so i guess i can just sit here itching and admire the scaly, shiny plates of glue as they wear off the backs of my hands one cell at a time.

so today’s a writing day.


One thought on “following directions

  1. These two posts really have a common thread, eh?

    Hope your hands feel better tomorrow- I get claustrophobic like mad when I can’t get things off. Won’t the acetone take it off at all now? That’s what takes superglue and permanent ink off.

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