not naked no more

my dolphin finally has clothes.  okay, they’re only taped on, but it’s a start.  i took my scissors and horribly mutilated the nice pima cotton shirt the sponsor kindly donated.  i cut out the collar, and the sleeves, and the logo.  and then i took a pair of 52-waist cotton work pants and cut out the waistband and the zipper fly and the hem, and took my seam ripper and took off all those belt loops, and cut out the back pockets.  but i didn’t like the side pockets on these pants so i got another pair of pants and took those pockets.

then i stuck them all on with blue tape.  the sponsor also kindly donated a hardhat and an employee badge, and i’ve stuck them on too.

this is after sanding, filling and repriming the fiberglass dolphin.

over the next day or so i’m going to be slowly building the clothes onto the dolphin.  that means building the texture, the 3-d part of the piece.  that means gluing on the things you’d normally notice texturally about someone’s clothes.  the collar sticks out, the buttons, too.  the waistband, belt, fly, pockets, seams.  the actual pants, and the actual shirt don’t need to get stuck on as well.

in fact, it would be unsound.  fabric will rot in the sun, even if it’s protected by industrial uv topcoat.  even if it’s got primer over it and is painted and then varnished before being topcoated.  you can make up for this to some extent by using really strong glue, but it’s a weak point.  so you use as little fabric as you can get away with.  and you use it just for texture.  it doesn’t matter that the pockets are from another pair of pants.  i’m going to prime it all and paint it to make it look like pants, no matter what’s stuck on to the sculpture.

the trick will be in making the shirt look like a real shirt with paint.  sometimes i put billows in the clothes, or maybe i might make the collar stand out, but that requires building up the space underneath it so it won’t collapse and crack and get ruined.

it’s going to be a trick to glue the hardhat on.  i had to take out the head straps and all the stuff inside because it’s way too small for my dolphin’s swelled head.  i’m going to have to fill the interior space with that spray insulation that gets hard when it cures, and mold it to fit my dolphin’s head, and then glue it down possibly with gorilla glue.

i actually have to test the gorilla glue with the fabric.  i’m not sure it glues fabric.  it’s a urethane glue, so let’s just look it up.  i sent off another email to the ladies at cowpainters.

that’s all i’m going to do for now.  jim’s upstairs getting dinner ready, and it’s been a long day.


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