the same for the other dolphin

i made a trip to the hardware store today, looking for kilz to reprime my dolphin, and fiberglass cloth, resin and hardener for another way to affix things.

i got lost in the plumbing section.  1/2″ pvc pipe is the smallest they have, with 45 degree elbows, 90 degree elbows, t junctions, narrowing junctions, widening junctions, my head swam with the number of plumbing bits and pieces.  and i saw some great backflow devices made out of brass, that looked just like the pumps and things i saw in the aquarium pictures.  but they were hundreds of dollars so never mind.

i realized that i should have brought my camera so i could get a picture of the different shapes.  i need to go into the store with an idea of how many feet of pipe, how many of the different fittings, how many little dodads that cost $5 or $6 each, all that.

so i wrote to my sponsor and asked them if they could take me thru the aquarium and show me the machines, pumps, and dodads that they used when building it.  i can’t mock it up if i don’t know what it looks like.  and i can’t buy my pipes and fittings until i know what i’m going to be gluing down.

so monday i’m going to take a backstairs tour of the aquarium with one of the guys responsible, and he’s going to valiantly try to answer my really inane questions about why things look the way they do.  i feel sorry for him already.

but in the meantime, i switched out my one dolphin for the other, and spent the afternoon sanding my second dolphin.  and what a difference!  this dolphin was much smoother, and had fewer holes and scrapes.  i wonder what it is that accounts for the difference.  it could be different batches of fiberglass, i know they mix up differently all the time and sometimes they’re just bad.  or maybe it was a higher humidity day, or maybe it’s the difference in style between two artisans finishing a blank.  whatever, i have a great admiration for fiberglass artists, because it’s a mess, difficult, painstaking, and hard.

the ladies at cowpainters are real chums, too.  i just sent of a technical query that the guys at the hardware store just looked at me blankly for.  how do you glue pvc to fiberglass.  all the guys wanted to know was why i’d want to do that.  and my answer – because it’s supposed to be impossible – didn’t make any sense to them.  they’re not artists, perhaps.

so i’ve got two sanded dolphins.  i need to wait until i’ve got the clothes and the pipes glued on before i prime them, so i’m going to start gluing down the clothing bits and wait until i have more information so i can go buy the parts i need.



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