more sanding

i’m researching the future step where i start gluing stuff down.

the epoxy clay i’ve chosen is apoxie sculpt, and there’s a  learning curve.

we might make the dolphin natural color, rather than navigating the sensitive waters of nthropormorphism and race.  a nice blue gray would be ultramarine, raw umber and white.  darker on top so tkey look like waves, lighter on bottom so they look like sky.  i can do that.

it was close to 60 this afternoon, so i did some sanding.  the dolphin’s all done, but the base is as rough as if there were sand imbedded in the primer.  so loads of sanding.  i had to cut the sheets of sand paper up into small squares so that i wouldn’t immediately rip a large sheet into shreds because of all the non-flat surfaces that creased and broke the paper.

sanding sanding.  some places where the topcoat of the fiberglass model didn’t take, bad patches that cracked and fell out when i sanded and picked and poked.  so they’ve got to be filled.  lots of filling, lots of smoothing, lots of covering join lines better than they were done.

getting a close look at the base, with its fanciful curlicues, i was beginning to see how to turn them into pumps and filters.

the exact shape of the bits and pieces won’t matter as much as the connections.  as long as they’re identifiably pipes, then the exact shapes will resolve themselves.

so i can take cartoon pump shapes and run convincing pipes out of them.  i saw places on the base where swells are kind of indicated, and i can run pipes next to each other.

i was anxious to break out the epoxy clay and begin filling all the holes and smoothing seams and stuff, but i’m not done sanding yet.  most of the way around the base, and i have to continue tomorrow before i’m ready for anything else.


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