double apron artist smock – finished

sorry it took so long to finish documenting this project.  i started here, and there’s a little more here.  i actually finished the smock the week before going off on my art residency, but didn’t at that point have time to write.  i took it with me and used it every day, and when i didn’t i spilled something on my sister’s clothes and was sorry.  i found it wonderful to wear, a real windbreaker, and it won’t show the dirt.  it’s also beautiful to look at, if not on, then close up.  i’m afraid i look like a fireplug in it no matter how beautiful the print, but that’s just how it goes when you look better naked.

this is the wrist.  i destitched the waistbands of two pairs of jeans, and cut off enough from both ends to fit around my wrist with enough room to fit bulky clothes.  the original buttons button up when it’s closed.  i didn’t bother closing it, as you can see, and just left the sleeve fabric hanging out there.  it folded in when the wrist was buttoned, and it was a selvage end, so it won’t ravel.

this is the sleeve.  not only is the wrist end ungathered, but the armhole end is completely open.  because it’s an apron design, the problem with attaching the sleeves is that there’s no side to attach them to.  so at some point it’s going to gap.  so i figured why not make the gap at the elbow?  from the elbow to the wrist it has to be tight so i don’t dip my sleeves into my paint.  but from the elbow to the armpit it can be open so i won’t overheat.  it looks closed when i’m wearing it and have my arms at my sides or raised to paint.  it actually works pretty well, never mind that it all looks rather strange.  i don’t much care about that.

this is the entire thing inside out on the bed.  see out lovely spacious bedroon, so big that one whole end is usually set up as my fabric studio, and sometimes jim does portraits in it as well.

it’s a circular neck, and that’s maybe a little too shallow, since sometimes it rides up on me.  the sleeves are the same width as the yoke around the neck, the whole sleeve thing goes straight across and just the circle cut out and faced with 3″ of fabric stitched down in places.  the front and back of the apron are made of three panels, just to vary the pattern.  you can make it out of one piece if you like.  there are pockets in each side panel, so there are four pockets.  and the ties are made of 3″ widths of jeans fabric sewn into cords, four of them too.

the trick when putting it on is to slip your hands into the sleeves and put it over your neck, then arrange the front and back so that they’re even at the bottom.  then either do up the front ties first, or do them last, and either wrap the ties around twice and tie them, or once , depending on how you like it.  i always tie my apron strings around my hips, because i don’t like tight things around my waist, but suit yourself.  sometimes it’s cool to have the front very much shorter or longer than the back, depending.  and you can leave them untied if you like, or only tie one side.

i’m currently wearing my apron every day to paint my dolphin, when i remember.  today i forgot, and it was cool out so i could have used it but draped myself with a towel instead – all that dust.  i would have gotten up and put it on, but i’d taken it upstairs and couldn’t be bothered, lazy sod that i am.


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