happy pagan holiday

i can’t comment on the stupidity of the anti-halloween crowd, but it’s enough to say they truly shouldn’t observe this holiday.  for truly it is written that both muslims and christians are in danger of losing their heaven points for participating at all, because the ancient druids were devil worshippers and baby killers.

it was my favorite holiday.  the kids got to go out and wreak havoc, symbolizing all the ills of society, while the adults got to hover around their front doors protecting what was theirs, with little bribes to get the brats to take it somewhere else.  we carried soap for those unlucky enough not  to be home.  it was great.  but we’ve fallen off celebrating the cross quarter days.

i like the idea that the veil between the material world and the world of spirits is thinner at this time, the time when everything in the natural world is dying or going dormant.  it should be easier to cross over when the whole world is turning colors and falling on the ground, shouldn’t it?


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