a new headache

i mean, a new computer.  i’ve finally had enough with spare computers cobbled out of computer geek spare parts and loaded with illegal copies of software.  so i got jim to go out and get me a linux computer for $300 bucks after taxes, and i’ll make do with that.

of course, the guys who readied the machine for shipping to the end user forgot to finish their install, and i’ve got to call them up tomorrow to get the password so i can be administrator, but i got the internet up after only a few reboots and now my cobbled-together machine with no sound card and a broken cd burner is sitting there glaring at me with no monitor and no power cord on hahahahahahahaha.

but until i’ve got the administrator password i can’t modify the system.  so an early call to microcenter to bitch them out about selling me a defective computer.  yarr.

but hey, i have my own computer now.


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