well, waiting now

okay, i’m back from ‘vacation’, processing the vacation frame of mind into some useful energy to apply toward my many pending projects.

today, for example, i spent some time on my memoirs, which is my this year’s nanowrimo entry.  i started writing them with an eye toward eventual publication, when i noticed that all around the world people were getting found out and exposed.  anybody trying to hide something from public view got caught with his pants down in the mensroom.  for example.

so i figured i’d beat them to it, expose myself, and go ahead and take the flack my actions created, rather than the flack my secret would cause when discovered.  in general it’s better to out yourself.

i’ve been working on my memoirs since i noticed this worldwide public exposure thing going on, at the beginning of 2010.  and it’s been slow going, mainly because i’m just wandering from one thing that happened in my life to another.  mainly the really salacious and fantastic dramatic stuff that happened in my 20s, but with references to the wonderful dream come true life i’m living now.  rich stuff.

but there’s no plot.  one of the things i accomplished accidently while ‘on vacation’ was to find me the perfect editor for my memoirs, someone who was there, someone who knows me very well, and someone who doesn’t mind saying no comment when the crew from channel 2 comes to the door.

i’m afraid this memoir will have to come under the label of ‘pigment on fabric’ simply because i have nowhere else to put it, so forgive me yet another netiquette lapse.  my other unfinished novels, fruits of my nanowrimo efforts every year, are all in their own blogs, and don’t interfere with the idea of making figures on flat surfaces.  but this side of  my creativity has to qualify, and so to make it fit, i’m declaring paper to be a fabric.  which it is, which i’ve proved by making a shirt out of watercolor paper.  perhaps i could further illustrate this by turning my notebook into one of those readers digest angels:

in the meantime i’m leaving messages for the dolphin project, found a frame for one of the large wax and wool paintings, and am ready to continue the fabric work i started on residence even without reference photos.

it’s a beautiful fall day outside, hugely warm and humid, waiting for a line of thunderstorms to roll by and bring more of the pretty colored leaves down.  paradise, really.


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