some changes around here

after being away from my real life for over a month, blissfully on residence in paradise, i’ve decided i don’t want certain things in my life anymore.  i’m tired of facebook, for instance, don’t enjoy reading the news, and am fed up with sitting on the computer all day when i could be down in the studio.

so i’ve made some changes.

as of this moment, i’ve moved the computer downstairs into the studio.  that way, when i’m upstairs i’m doing living things, like eating and sleeping and reading.  when i’m working, i’m in the studio.  jim and i can work together, and it doesn’t matter if i’m making paintings, doing research, or writing fiction.  the only thing i’ll be doing upstairs is my fabric work, because that demands a clean room.

so does a computer, mind you, but i’m going to compromise and clean up once in a while down here.

it didn’t take much rearranging to accommodate an office into a paint studio.  just the corner i sit in now has a table and all this equipment where i usually put my feet.  but there’s still room for my feet.  and my easel.  the big table went upstairs into the bedroom (fabric studio) and the little table will be coming down here as a studio table.  my paints are still over on the other side of the room, and really all i need to do is clear this table next to the couch of junk that’s been collecting there, reorganizing the back room to take more storage, and like i said, clean the dust out once in a while.

it may get a little tight with the dolphins, tho.

seems i’m going to have not one fiberglass dolphin to make a five foot sculpture of, but two, and that’s going to take a lot of space and a lot of effort.  i may be sorry the computer’s down here at some point.

in a way, it’s a good thing i don’t have my pictures from my residence and other travels, because i’d be in the middle of making paintings instead of gearing up for my fall season.

two dolphin sculptures, due real soon now
several wax and wool paintings
several walls and flowers paintings
already started projects that need to be ready for xmas
my november nanowrimo contribution of 50k words
my winter project – cataloging jim’s thousands of pieces of art in the attic
watching my grandson several days a week

that’s plenty for the time being.  i had to make my changes now, while i’m still recovering from the blissful emptiness of life in residence.  then i can go forward with my busy life, however much i have left of it.


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