the hudgens prize update

the following is from the july hudgens center newsletter, and is the first news we’ve had about the contest since before the deadline.  only 350 applications!  that means they raised only $17,500 from all the entrants, and much of that money went for a yearly membership to the hudgens center, as if.

i’d expected they’d be able to get 1000 artists who live in georgia hopeful and greedy enough to pay $50 each, and raise the $50,000 they need for their prize that way.  personally i doubt this prize will ever be awarded.

this is a small county arts center, with fewer than 5 full time employees.  the secret donor has the 50k, of course – according to the press release – but i always doubted the money was ready in hand.  we may figure this out at some point, but it’s still a mystery here on the ground.  because nobody in the arts here in georgia knows anything about this contest.  that in itself is suspicious.  everyone should know all about it soon after it was announced.  i mean, the chance of winning $50,000 at once, wow, too good to be true.  but nobody knows anything.  they just respin the press release and show no curiosity, no suspicion.  it’s kind of like the willful blindness happening with the gulf oil spill.

i just hope that the painting detail they’ve chosen as the icon of the contest (below) isn’t representative of the kind of art they’re looking for.  phoo-yuck.

The Hudgens Prize

Hudgens Prize

Entries for The Hudgens Prize exceeded our expectations and numbered over 350.

We’d like to welcome all our new members who joined us through this competition, and wish you each the best of luck!

All artists will be notified by mail, postmarked on or before August 30, of whether or not they’ve been chosen as Finalists.

The Finalists’ Exhibition will take place in November.


4 thoughts on “the hudgens prize update

  1. The finalists will be announced soon — they were selected by the jury panel last week.

    The cover art on the prospectus, a very tiny detail from a large work, was chosen because it was non-representative. Sad that someone would think it was chosen to represent the “kind of art they are looking for.” That’s just not how it works with an honest jury process. Entries from all over Georgia have revealed works in an array of media and styles — very diverse and hopeful. It will be exciting to see the jury selections for the finalists.

    The finalists’ exhibit will open on November 30th and the winner will be selected by the jury panel on that evening. And, yes, the winner will get the $50,000. FYI, there will be an opportunity for attendees to see work from every entrant on a slide show during the exhibit — it will run on a continuous loop. The slide show will be a great way for everybody to make personal selections of their own best of show. Of course, no matter which Georgia artist wins the cash award and the solo exhibit for next year, there will be plenty who will praise the selection and plenty more phoo-yuck sayers. Won’t there?

    • well, imagine my surprise when someone with some actual knowledge answers my post. please excuse my suspicions. it’s just that i’m not expecting it to be an honest jury process. it will be interesting to see who they pick. and thanks for speaking up.
      and good luck to you.

      • There is really nothing covert about a foundation wanting to remain anonymous when making such a large donation — happens all the time. Imagine the courage it takes for an arts center like the Hudgens to place the jury process in the hands of three professionals — and they are very much professionals — who are not really tuned in to our community culture. They have selected the finalists and will select the winner based upon merit. The process was designed to be blind with no artist identities linked to images and there is little chance the artists will be easily recognized during the jury process. FYI, letters of notification will go out by August 30th.

        I am pleased you have softened your viewpoint somewhat and will await the outcome on November 30th. This is good for Georgia arts regardless of who wins, don’t you think? I am eager to see the results and hope that the Prize will stimulate the creative process as well as artistic dialog among Georgia artists.

      • given that it appears to be a genuine art competition, i have no trouble getting behind it and pushing. it’s just that the lack of basic transparency – who is giving the prize – raises questions. and the huge amount of the single prize when people would fight for far less makes me wonder about the hidden agenda.
        my suspicions are abated a lot by your response, and i feel like being hopeful for the outcome. in a perfect world, artists would be honored and showered with time and money. so i remain skeptical, because this is far from a perfect world.

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