project updates

well, it’s been a few weeks.  i’ve pretty much finished my sister in law’s baby quilt, now officially a play quilt, an activity quilt.  i’m done with the watercolor it took me ten years to finish, and most of the way thru the watercolor of the diner that it’s only taken me five years to finish.  i’m mostly done making an apron-based artist’s smock, that’ll i guess be my next project to see the end of.  i’ve got a painting of a microwave oven and some green apples that i’ve only started, and i want to make a painting of the sun.  i think that’s everything on my plate at the moment.

right now i’m being a bit sidetracked by my memoirs, which i’ve gotten almost 50 pages into.  but i’m not publishing that on any blog, so it’ll be invisible.  i’m having lots of fun doing it, too.  i love to write.


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