varnishing watercolors

evidently it’s a new trend.  we’ve been using it lately, but we thought we developed it ourselves.

as diane morgan says,

A new trend is to varnish a watercolor painting so it can be framed without glass. It protects the painting from dust and makes it water-resistant. It’s nice to be able to view the art directly without glass or plexi covering it.

mark golden has this to say:

The artist gains greater adhesion of the pigments to the paper as well as offering the viewer a direct contact with the work. The loss is in the feel of a well made natural paper and the potential that the varnish changes the overall surface quality of a beautiful watercolor.

david castle glues his watercolors down onto stretched canvas using acrylic medium, and varnishes them.

david langevin thinks glazing should become a thing of the past.

judith fields is somewhat of an expert in varnishing watercolors.

the paint spot gives a lot of interesting information on “encapsulated watercolors”

here’s andy mathis on youtube, showing how to do it.

here’s a natural gum arabic varnish that can be lifted by conservators.  hmmm.

here’s a lot of information from golden paints.

i think that’s enough for now.  i’m tired of looking up references that say this is a cool new way to finish watercolors.  i’m going to go down to the studio and varnish me a watercolor as soon as i get the substrate ready.


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