marie’s fountain – no more, stop

at the very end, i whipped out the number 8 siberian squirrel mop and splashed green earth all over the foliage on the left.  i tried to correct the kid’s pot-belly, but oh well.  i did a hundred touch ups, a million little touches with the brush.  i outlined things shamelessly (never mind what i said about there being no such thing as a hard edge).  i didn’t spend long on it today, and kept coming back to the kid to see when is enough.

and tho i’m going to let it sit for a couple of days so i can see if it needs anything else, it’s done enough that i put my signature on it, and it’s ready to be cut down and mounted to a board, varnished, and then framed.

i’ll have something to say about varnishing when i’m not so tired.  lots of watercolorists hate the very idea.  it’s so against the rules.


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