baby quilt – now we’re talking

i love it when things drop into place.  with the discovery of a pair of overalls of my little brother’s (the one who’s pregnant now), the design for the applique top is suddenly obvious.

you can see the pants in the middle right.  suddenly i had a bunch of clothes to arrange on top, so i made it six on top.  now i was working with a star of david instead of a pentagram, and that’s okay because 6-pointed  stars are equal, whereas there’s always a head of a 5-pointed star.  so i put the dark clothes in a triangle, all facing outward, and then i took the lighter three sets of clothes in a triangle facing inward.  this left that same hole in the middle, so i adjusted everything outward, toward the border.  in some cases i’m making the clothes go right up to the border.  this left a gaping middle, so i fetched the sleepers i was going to use on the back, and laid them out facing the same way.  obviously one’s standing on the other’s shoulders, so i adjusted the arms to show the support.

i was careful to avoid putting clothes down on top of the cool features of the underlying work – like the fronts that unsnap and unzip.  and in doing this i had to get a little off center.  so first i  made the guy standing on his brother’s shoulders just a little off balance.  and i had him lean on the kid next to him, who then went off balance and had to lean on the next kid.  so i went around the circle, bending and reaching all the little arms and legs until i had everyone relying on and unbalanced by everyone else.  nice and dynamic.  with no up and no down, really.

now i think the background will function as a background instead of a distraction, and the border will be less nastily varied because it’s going to be much interrupted.

i’m liking it again.  now i just have to figure out how to get all these pieces cut up and sewn on.  that’s going to take weeks.  good thing we’re only halfway thru being pregnant.  good thing i’m not doing more than one.


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