baby quilt – the top pieces

i went back to the thrift store and got several sets of clothes for 6-9 month kids.  and here’s how the top looks with them splayed out in a circle around the center.  except that it’s not the center; because of the lengths of the legs, the ‘center’ of the kids stuff on top is actually about 6″ to one side.  but i’ve already had to adjust the length (and thus the center) when i added the legs and feet to both ends.  on the left side i only have one row of legs, and on the right there are two.

to my eye, it looks like a mess, and nothing redeeming about it.  there are too many contrasting blues in all the wrong places, and the border just looks silly.  this may be something there’s no recovering from.

this is what it looks like close up.  i’m having trouble deciding how to put the arms.  should i make them all hold hands?  to get them sewn on, i’m going to have to cut each piece of clothing into front and back, and only sew on the front.  of course, i’m going to have to retain all the opening snaps and zippers so the kids can play with them.  the shirts will have to be cut in half and sewn down first, of course, and the tops over them.  and i’m still not sure if i’m putting anything on the back.  we’ll see.


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