marie’s fountain – bold abandon here we come

i had the opportunity to spend practically all day in the studio, interrupted only by heavy rain (bliss).  i did a lot, but much of it doesn’t show.  that’s because i’m in the end stages in some parts of the painting.  altho it all has to get darker.

i spent a lot of time in the far background, developing paintfully.  i spent a lot of time in the lower reaches of the broom to the right of the boy, gradually painting subtle glazes over anything that didn’t show up when i squinted my eyes at the source photo.  i spent a little time darkening (with ultramarine) the water ever so slightly (a move which nevertheless had a huge impact).   i darkened he reeds and water plants (the green ones), i started darkening the lighter areas of the fish.  all in all, a productive day.

i was even tempted to begin messing with the foliage on the left.

this closeup will show the kinds of subtle things i was forced to take care of today.  on the extreme lower right i went over everything but what you can see while squinting with sap green, my darkest green, and permanent green, which has phthalo in it.  i put a bunch of glazes of a synthetic green earth over the broom, flowers and all.  there’s a lot going on at the top of the picture, too, altho there’s really not very much of it.  i figure i might do something deliberate to fuzz it up at the end of the painting, something like spraying it with water.

and it all has to get darker.  all that dark stuff above is going to be unified with dark washes.  but i have to be very careful, because some parts are right at the very edge of being overworked.  and that’s where my slash and dash rule-breaking comes in handy.  like scrubbing, there are drastic ways to deal with overworking, and there are more drastic ways.  the most drastic is to cut the damned spot out, patch it and start again, but it’s not a step i want to take.

but i’m doing the bold abandon thing, and you can hardly tell, because i’m using really thin washes of burnt umber, or blue green earth, or purple.  it dulls the highlights, but only a little, enough so that the eye reads the area the way i want it to, the way it reads convincingly.

more tomorrow.  but be warned, the baby is back, and most of my time tomorrow will go into sewing on my baby quilt.


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