baby quilt – decision time

both jim and i liked the dynamics of the running, playing kids’ clothes, but it just wouldn’t show up well against all the detail on the front, so we decided i should try it on the back.  so here it is.  i can make them all active on the back.  i could put in a ball in the middle for them all to play with.  i could sew on buttons for eyes and make them all heads and faces, except that you don’t sew on buttons for a baby quilt, for obvious reasons.

i might end up with these fellows on the back, and the couple or three little outfits that i can still put on the front.  either way, it helps to quilt the whole thing.  the technical issue is how do i actually sew it down like this?  i’ve had to fold the little suits in half sideways, so that they’ll appear in profile.  and then i had to really move and poke the fabric of the legs to get them to look sort of realistic.  i’m only ever going to get an approximate (mannered, stylized) figure out of these rather shapeless things.  and they look awfully strange close up.  am i going to have to sew down the edges and then trim inside, or should i cut the suits in half so that i only have one edge to worry about?  should i pad the insides of the suits so that they puff out into the finished space?

like i said, back to the painting.  fewer problems, altho i never thought i’d admit that.

i’m probably going to sit with this for a few days.  it’s the most important part of the quilt, simply because it’s the final layer of surface design, and so i don’t totally screw it up i’m going to wait and maybe go to the thrift store for more clothing options.

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