baby quilt (over on channel two)

i’ve picked back up on my baby quilt project.  it took me ages to get more ballpoint needles after i broke the last one, but i’m back, and it’s getting close to finished.

i’m still going down to the studio when jim comes up to make dinner, but i’ve spent a lot of the last two days finishing the edges of the quilt.

when i left it (let me look back) in early march, i was putting on the border.  i ran out of needles most of the way thru closing the binding on the third side, so i finished up the closing yesterday.  then i turned it over and saw how badly i’d caught all the layers in the binding in how many places (lots of gaps, lots of places to tear out stitches and start again), and corrected all that.  and then i sewed down the edges of all the tops  (i took baby clothes top halves and stuck the clothing down at the edges), leaving the zipper or snap and neck closure free to be fiddled with by some baby’s hands.

that was the end of the pre-quilting part.  and, actually, in sewing down the edges of the tops, i actually was quilting.  but the real quilting begins with the next step.

i’m not willing at this stage to put the whole thing in the washer, because the batting isn’t fastened by quilting stitches yet.  but it’s filthy.  the cats have made a cozy home out of the quilt on the sewing machine as it sat there for a couple of weeks until i went out and got needles.  so it’s black with black cat hair in places.  it’ll all come out in the wash, of course, but i’m going to clean the surface with a damp rag and then continue with the quilting steps.

for the quiltling part, i’m using the addition of yet another layer as the excuse for the quilting pattern.  i’ve reserved a bunch of clothes to arrange on the face of the quilt top and then sew them thru the three layers of the quilt using applique.

the issue is how to arrange the clothes.  i have two feety pajamas and two newborn bubble suits, another bubble suit and two pants and shirt sets.

i thought to have a crowd, but not to arrange them in rows.  so first i put them lengthwise and crosswise, but that was boring.  next i tried them catty-corner on the top, and that was more interesting.  but i’m not sure i like them just laying there in a cross pattern.  it looks good from a distance, however.

so then i tried them running around in a circle, and this is much more dynamic, but it’s not easy to make it look good.  especially from a distance.

so – anybody have any suggestions?


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