marie’s fountain – itsy bitsy details

today i had limited time in the studio, but while the baby took a late nap i snuck down to the studio and tackled one of the hard parts.

the mass of darks on the right are actually a mass of broom, which is a unique plant best described as rusty sage green.  but where was a color i could use?  i tested all my greens the other day, and they ranged from acid to phthalo, which isn’t subtle enough for either the rosemary on the top of the fence or the broom to the right.  i needed my earth greens – very transparent, very weak, but very sage green, very dull.   ideal for putting in the drab colors of the broom plant.  of course, if it turns out not to be broom, i’m in trouble, but i’ve got to make an executive decision here.

so, really, all i did was to put in some of several different transparent earth greens, and heavily at that.  it’s only the first little bit, but it’s starting to unify things.

one mistake it’s obvious that i made was to put in the green darks on the right before this work i’m doing now.  i used the same blues as the darks on the left, and they’re the wrong darks.  i’m going to have to scrub them the next time i go back that area.

what i did tonight was brave – tackling the hard part first.  the real bravery, of course, comes when i tackle the plants on the left side, which as i said before, are out of focus where i’d much prefer sharpness.  so i’m going to have to make something up, and it’s pretty plain that i’m not very good at making things up.


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